Happy Birthday To Me

by Erin on August 12, 2009

equilter birthday fabric

So I don't have anything special planned for my birthday today but THE UNIVERSE had other ideas, because I got several completely random super-nice "you rock!" emails from strangers this morning. So thank you, Universe, and thank you, random people who woke up this morning and decided to send me a nice email!

If you wanted to do something nice in celebration of me having been alive a whole 'nother year, I would love it if you decided to pay someone (someone ELSE, not me, I'm over quota on compliments-receiving already and it's only lunchtime) a compliment today.

Go ahead and tell your barista you like their piercings, or stop someone in the grocery store and comment favorably on their shoes. Tell a parent "Your child is so cute, and so well-behaved!" Tell a dog-owner "Your dog is so cute, and so well-behaved!" Tell someone you work with how you've noticed Cool Thing X they've done lately. Go on, be creative! Be profligate, even, with your compliments, because Compliment Someone Because Erin Said So Day comes but once a year.

(Once you've complimented someone, you also have my permission to treat yourself to a cupcake, or other frosted baked good. Have fun!)

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