This Week’s Pattern Story (and sale)

by Erin on August 26, 2009

McCalls 3430

Green Dress: I'm just going to pretend to whisper something in your ear to make Sally jealous.

Stripey Dress: You know that stuff only works in movies, right?

Green Dress: No, really. It works. Even I want to know what I'm saying to you right now.

Stripey Dress: You do know what you're saying to me right now. You're saying it.

Green Dress: Well, as long as I'm here, we might as well catch up! What's new with you?

Stripey Dress: I've started to indulge unreasonable people in their follies.

Green Dress: Really, who?

Stripey Dress: You can tell when you see the look of resigned (yet good-natured) indulgence on my face.

Green Dress: Oh, okay. I'll keep an eye out.

Stripey Dress: Sigh.

[Pattern from Penny at Antique Dollhouse of Patterns, who is having a sale
— 10% off. (She'll refund through Paypal.)]

[Jen at MOMsPatterns is also having a sale, through Friday — save 20% until Midnight EST Friday, August 28, 2009, just use coupon code 'backtoschool'.]

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