International Wear A Dress Day 2009 — Save The Date

by Erin on October 20, 2009

etsy custom dress from Audrey and Grace

I've been remiss in setting a date, and the year's getting down to the thin end. How do people feel about Thursday, October 29? Thoughts?

I would like to say I would be wearing this custom dress from Etsy seller Audrey and Grace, all the better to umpire International Wear A Dress Day, but sadly, I won't be.

What else should we do to celebrate? Make buttons (or "badges" for you in the UK)? Sticker templates, like the ones you wear after you give blood? What should the Twitter hashtag be? #IWADD? (That looks … unfortunate, but hey, we didn't backronym it correctly, and now we're stuck with it.) Should we have a Flickr group?

Let me know!

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