Today’s Pattern Story (and Sale)

by Erin on December 4, 2009

Butterick 6058

I have no idea whether Black Dress is looking at Blue Dress in disgust or thinly disguised longing. I think it could go either way, or possibly both.

Black Dress: What *is* it about her? I can't sleep, I can't eat, I show up deliberately wearing the same dress, just so she'll notice me … [sigh] Which she never will.

Blue Dress: Look! I think I see them coming into the harbor! Get ready for Fleet Week, Amabel! I'm so glad we wore gloves.

TOTALLY could happen. Don't you think?

Sandra at Sandritocat is having a 20% sale to celebrate her shop's second anniversary! Her anniversary is actually December 7th, but she running the sale from today, Friday, December 4th, through Monday, December 7th, at midnight EST. She will either refund through PayPal or you can wait for a revised invoice through Paypal. (Please use code “anniversary#2” in the notes section to get your 20% off.)

[I keep forgetting to add these disclaimers — Sandra is an advertiser, as was Wendy, yesterday. However, I choose the patterns and what to write about them, and I don't get any direct payment for writing about sales. I just like to.]

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