A Few Quick Links for Monday

by Erin on June 7, 2010

Thanks to Anna (and Threads Magazine), I now know there is an iPod app for tracking your fabric stash. Dear developers: please make one for the Palm Pre & Android, too. 

Has anyone heard anything about fashionstake.com? I am hoping it will be like kickstarter.com, but for clothing … but I'm not feeling their "democratize fashion" tagline when everyone in their promo picture is a skinny white model. What would be really useful is if they connected would-be designers with someone like Kathleen at Fashion Incubator for some real-world advice, but that may be wishing for the moon … 

I still haven't written up the "How To Make Five Heidis and Not Go Crazy" post, but there's a video of me wearing one that I made in my Heidi binge. (For the Liberty obsessives out there: the lipstick I'm wearing is the incredibly bright MAC Liberty Petals and Peacocks shade.) 

Did you know ModCloth is doing a literary anthology? I love it when sites do things Just Because It's Cool. Check out their submission guidelines here.

And I loved all of TrueUp's coverage of Quilt Market, and I am marking my calendar to watch for these Alexander Henry prints in the fall. Oooh!

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