Chic Sheathness

by Erin on July 14, 2010

I love this pattern Tina found (at What-I-Found): 


Especially the Princess lines and the dolman sleeves together — I think that looks so "modern," in the retro sense of the word. 

Of course, anything with lines like this makes me think of color-blocking (dark gray! with a chartreuse yellow center panel!) but I can't figure out how to add pockets here, other than patch ones. Hmm. Any suggestions? 

I didn't buy this pattern as I have a sneaking suspicion that I already did, at one point. I just can't find it. (And yes, I know that one guaranteed way to find it would be to buy this and have it arrive in the mail, at which point my first copy would turn up, but that seems kind of wasteful.) So it's fair game, ladies. Go for it! 

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