Incredibly Optimistic

by Erin on September 8, 2010

I know crochet goes 'faster' than knitting, but the title of this booklet strikes me as incredibly optimistic. There's no way that I could get that on my table tomorrow. (It usually takes a good 24 hours to clear off all the stuff that's there already, anyway.)

And, of course, when I think "FUTURE" what immediately springs to mind is "crocheted tablecloths!" That's why all my robots have handy in-chest dispensers for reels of cotton and come with #5 hook attachments.

If you have quite a few tomorrows to devote to creating intricate and lacy tablecloths, this booklet is available from Lanetz Living. When you've finished, jump in your time machine and come show it to me! I'll expect you tomorrow at 4. We'll have tea!

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