The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #9 Meet My Friend Archie

by Erin on December 17, 2010

Does everyone here know Archie McPhee? Funny guy, lives in Seattle?

One of the best things from Archie McPhee is the Jumbo Mystery Box: for $39.95 you get enough weird toys, disgustingly-flavored gum, and gross stickers to keep any ten-year-old (or the ten-year-old inside anyone) happy for hours.

McPhee Mystery Box

(There's also a smaller surprise bag, for only $24.95. Or go all-out on the Jumbo Colossal Mystery Box, $119.95)


[And we're still on the fundraising drive/Secret Lives poll:]

If we reach $1200 in donations by December 25, I will write a new "secret lives" story, that will include the top-two vote-getters below:

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