Guess What? More 8728!

by Erin on October 26, 2011

So, of all the things I love about Vogue 8728, the fact that it works so well with Liberty Tana Lawn is probably the thing I love the most. Here it is in "First Prize": 

Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728

Bodice is ready for close-up:


Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728 bodice

And the rear view:


Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728 back

I wasn't sure if this pattern would work for fall/autumn/rainy season, but in a dark color it does well, don't you think. I think I can even wear this with boots (nb: I have not tested this hypothesis yet). 

There have been two questions in the comments I haven't answered yet; one is "how does this work for bust(y|ier) people?" That's a good question. I am not sure I would wear this if I were a D cup or bigger, without serious underpinnings (or even with). The gathers do, um, emphasize the region, and part of the charm is that curved waistband. But if you're on the cups-runneth-over side and have made this, please leave a comment! 

The other question was about the depth of the armholes. I think they're okay, myself, but if you have a "no visible bra side panel" policy, this dress is not for you (or you have to tighten up that seam a little). 

The main danger with this dress is that I will never wear anything else. It is that good. So easy to make, so easy to wear …  

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