Oh, Yeah, This Pattern Too.

by Erin on November 7, 2011

I bet you thought I forgot all about Simplicity 1577, didn't you? I did not, see below:

Simplicity 1577 dress

This is done in really heavy black and gray seersucker. I can't describe it well, so here, see another picture: 

Simplicity 1577 dress bodice

And one more: 


Simplicty 1577 dress pocket

This dress is extremely comfortable to wear, and even though it's seersucker, preferred fabric of summer, I've been wearing it all November-style with a long-sleeved black tee and black knee socks (and Justin roper boots) which is a little goth Dickensian orphan, but in a good way. 

Because the fabric is so heavy I lined the pockets in lightweight black cotton, and did the undercollar in the same material:  

I really like this heavy version of this dress, so I bought some black cotton faille and am going to make it again. I also have a black and beige faille, and a heavy houndstooth in brown and black … and some maroon stripey wool, and a truly maddening unmatchable plaid, all of which might be good candidates for this pattern. But don't worry — I also made two more Liberty Vogue 8728s. You'll see them soon!

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