Can This Skirt Be Pocketized?

by Erin on April 26, 2012

McCalls 6402

I like this pattern (McCalls 6402) because I think that views A/B are ripe for pocketization. C too, but that’s not so much of a challenge. (D/E: please to ignore.)

Doesn’t it seem as if you could hang a couple of pocket bags off that curvy main piece and boom, pockets? I still have to actually BUY the pattern and check it out, but it seems so plausible. (Of course, all my worst ideas seemed perfectly plausible at the outset …)

My other idea for skirt B here is bright pink satin with a yellow lace overlay on the main pieces. Not so plausible, but a hell of a lot of fun, right? Also, the lace overlay will hide the creases-from-when-you-sat-down marks on the satin! Not sure either 1) what I’d wear with it (black t-shirt and Jack Purcells?) or 2) where I’d wear it (Bollywood-themed party? Nightclub Easter-egg hunt? A locked ward?), but man oh man that hasn’t stopped me thinking about it since I saw this pattern in the last issue of Threads.

So, weigh in if you can as to where you see this on the pocket difficulty rating scale (with “1” being “They make themselves and fill up with candy when you’re not looking” and “10” being “Can only be achieved by dousing the fabric liberally with antimatter”) and also on the potential wearing opportunities for a bright pink and yellow satin and lace skirt (given that I am a 40-year-old mom and most of my social events involve stick-on nametags). All letters answered by return of post.

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