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by Erin on September 10, 2012

Vogue 9929

Sorry for the dark photo; it was actually rainy in California last Friday, when I browbeat my son into taking this photo.

This is another Vogue 9929; I finished it before my trip to Florida. It’s the Echino Glasses fabric that you see everywhere. I bought four yards of it when in came out and even made a skirt out of it but I ended up not wearing the skirt very often … the glasses are natural-colored and the black is a rusty one, so my sartorial OCD never was satisfied with any of the possible color combinations to wear with it (I usually settled on an olive-green t-shirt, oatmeal-colored cardigan, and black shoes).

Luckily I had juuuuuuust enough left for a 9929 — not quite enough for self-fabric bias trim to finish the neck and sleeves, but double-fold regular Wrights bias tape worked just fine — actually, the double-fold tape is nicer for this heavy fabric because it makes such a neat narrow finish. I made the pockets of black batiste, too — Echino fabric is fairly rough and ravelly, so it’s not great for pockets.

I’ve only worn this a couple of times, but so far it is an overwhelming crowd favorite. I got three compliments on it before I even made it to my desk that morning! (I went with one of my co-workers to get coffee and it started to get a little embarrassing … especially because he released v1 of an amazing new websocket framework last week, and there I was getting compliments on a dress.)

I wore it with a short-sleeved red cardigan (not shown), a black men’s Swatch, a black leather bracelet, and a pair of shoes I hardly ever wear because they have a prominent logo (on the SOLES, so not all that visible) that drives me nuts. (I’m like Cayce Pollard about logos.) I waffle about what glasses to wear with it — red ones, these heavy black ones, transparent ones, or no glasses at all? There is a case to be made for each option. Last time I chose red, this time black, and perhaps next time I will bust out the transparent ones (which I haven’t worn yet because they’re huge, and I’m not yet reconciled to the return of 1980s-style giant dork frames, since I rocked them last time).

I also have this fabric in the bright green … my first instinct was to make another 9929 right away, but I think I will continue hoarding it against another rainy day.

Next up on the 9929 parade: one made from this fabric. (Sneak preview here).

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