The Hundred Dresses: Day 25

by Erin on June 27, 2013

Hey, did everyone see the super-nice slideshow did of The Hundred Dresses? Check it out!

Here’s another Simplicity 1577 (they keep going, and going …). This one is in Liberty city poplin:
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

I love this weight of Liberty, I wish they would make MUCH MUCH MORE of it. Here’s a closer view:
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

It’s a smooth, tight, silky weave, and heavier than Tana lawn. Here, look EVEN CLOSER:
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

The zipper on this one, though, is a C-. And that’s generous.
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

Here, you can see where I had to do a little bit of “there, I fixed it!” at the top:
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

Here’s the back view, for completeness’ sake:
Liberty poplin Simplicity 1577

And since y’all were so helpful with my collar question of yesterday (check out this FashionIncubator post), new question: how would you put a fuller skirt on this pattern? I don’t know whether it would be better to Frankenstein a skirt from another pattern, or whether I should suck it up and redraft this skirt (with its PERFECT POCKETS) to be fuller … and if the latter, how? Suggestions welcome!


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