Baby Duro

Old Navy Girls Dress

Dee sent me this, from Old Navy. Isn't it adorable? I love that this style of dress has gone from the pages of Vogue to Old Navy in less than two years. And, unlike some other styles that have made the same journey, this is actually appropriate for a little girl to wear. And darn cute! The smaller sizes come with a matching diaper cover! (I wonder if the diaper cover is color-banded, too?)

Click on the image to go to the Old Navy site. It's $16.50, and goes up to a size 5T.

(And, just for my sister's benefit, I know this is two cute little girls' dresses in less than two weeks, but I promise, I am NOT pregnant. Honest.)

0 thoughts on “Baby Duro

  1. That’s cute!I just looked on the Simplicity site and the “New Look” pattern group now has a Duro pattern, #6615. I think I will try to sew that one instead of the McCall’s one.I love your site!


  2. Hi Erin, I’m tagging you for this “meme of 3” thing, see heather’s boutique for the questions.If only I had the time to make any of the lovely dresses that you put up. That “steel..gloved in style” dress is amazing, couldn’t wear it in yellow though.


  3. omg, adorable. I’m one of those people who loves to see tiny, kiddie versions of grown up clothes. This is perfect! Why won’t anybody I know have any children!?!?


  4. Valerie, my best friend looks on in fear now that she has a small daughter and I have threatened to carry out all my baby-sewing fantasies on her. First the practical diaper covers, but later, the baby bat halloween costume (she wouldn’t let me make a skunk costume, however appropriate that might be)!


  5. this is completely off the baby-dress topic but I’ve recently wanted to get into sewing my own clothes (mostly I make quilts) and I really don’t know where to find good fabrics. I live in LA and have been to the fashion district but I don’t know any names that are reliable in fabric, etc. Any help?


  6. Oh Erin…I had finally resolved to buy no more clothing for my daughter right away. I have so much fabric and so many patterns. She has so many clothes. Then you show this dress.I will be heading out to Old Navy this weekend. Dang you all to heck!-Janet p.s. Has anybody seen a pattern like this?


  7. Kristen, You really don’t need to know names to buy fabric. I’m a quilter as well and a good cotton fabric would be excellent for your first dress. Back in the day most dresses were made from calico and when they wore out they became quilts! Most likely there is a JoAnn’s nearby and they have plenty of inexpensive fabric to get started with and the Duro is super easy especially if you make the version without the zipper. If you don’t like the way it turns out you can always cut it up for quilting. Also, Erin mentioned in an earlier post about the patterns being way oversized so make the size(finished measurement)closest to your bust size with 3-5″ for ease unless you want a big dress.


  8. OMG! When I first saw this I thought it was a ladies’ top and wanted it right away. If it fit tightly under the bust it wouldn’t look maternity. I would lust for a ladies’ top that fit like I first thought this one did. Anyway, who said the Duro style wouldn’t make some sort of top???


  9. Simplicity 4107 (toddler sizes 1/2 to 4) is the closest to a duro style I can find in the “big 4” patterns–have it, but haven’t made it up yet. I think either hancocks or joanns has Simplicity on sale this weekend. Nayy…


  10. This post made my day… I clicked the “some other styles” link…and was brought to the Limited Too website. I have the misfortune to be a Limited Too sales girl…and that is an *extremely* popular dress that you linked, along with several others that are pratically indentical. Next time I’m ringing up another mother spending way too much on cheap, slutty clothing for her preteen daughter, I will think back to this blog and laugh. Thanks for making my shifts go faster!


  11. Do you think Old Navy will produce the same for adults? I love it when designer dresses finally make it to the mass market–two years later!


  12. it depends on how fancy the dress is and how big the toddler!Go to any fabric store and look in the pattern books, or look at patterns online; they will tell you how much fabric you need.


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