The Dress A Day Dozen Gift Guide: #1 The Portable USB Power Supply


I know, I know, it's not a dress, but I think this portable USB power supply (from ThinkGeek) is a great present. For $20, you can have a backup charger for your cell phone, mp3 player, what-have-you that holds a charge for up to three months, and is only a quarter-inch thick.

Besides, your loved ones should have one just in case they are ever in a MacGyver-like situation — when someone says "if only we had a Li-Polymer battery cell" they can rummage in their bag and say "Oh, like this one?" before tossing it in their direction. Think how satisfying that would be! (Totally satisfying.) It's like two gifts in one!

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If we reach $1200 in donations by December 25, I will write a new "secret lives" story, that will include the top-two vote-getters below: