Okay, Now What?


So I bought some of this cotton lace (58 inches wide, $6/yard!) and now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it. It seems summery … in a Sophia Loren kind of way. I've never been much good at Sophia-Lorening, so any alternate suggestions of What To Do With Black Cotton Lace would be much appreciated.

Other things I'm not good at, sartorially, in case you need a list:

  • the long boho dress with flat sandals and flat hair
  • any look that requires a David-Bowie/Grace-Jones slash of colored makeup across the face (it gets all over my glasses)
  • shiny satin cocktail dresses with diamante clips
  • and, of course, pants

I can see a kind of kicky 60s-shift swimsuit coverup (with patch pockets!), but considering I'd probably get more use out of a hazmat suit, I'm looking for other ideas … 

Today's Pattern Story: Vogue 8937


Check out this elaborate shirtdress from Janet at Lanetz Living.

I can't tell if that kick pleat at the front is most amazing design detail I've ever seen, or whether it's essentially a sofa skirt. It could go either way. But the sleeve cuffs and the tuxedo-shirt collar are both genius.

I wish the bodice had princess seams than ran into the seams of that kind of tent-flap-button opening on the skirt …

As for the story, obviously Blue Dress is trying to hide her extremely recent rhinoplasty from Beige Dress, who is a notorious gossip. (See her squinty eyes? Dead giveaway. Of either gossipiness or myopia.)

So: yea or nay on that skirt pleat? Leave your answer in the comments and show your work.