Next Stop: Paris

So: I will be in Paris for twenty-four magical hours next week. Next week Tuesday, to be precise. 

What should I do? All suggestions gratefully received (although I am unlikely to: rent a Vespa, drink absinthe, or visit the Folies Bergère). 

This book has not been much help (although very entertaining):  The Magic of Dress

You Can't, You Won't, And You Don't Stop: 8728

Vogue 8728 in Liberty

Those of you who asked for more: here you go. Those of you rolling your eyes and thinking "How many of these Vogue 8728s can she MAKE?" should brace yourselves; this is not the last by a long shot …

I wore this in a colder-weather place pretty successfully (I think) over a thin longsleeved black t-shirt and black tights, under a longer sweater. That much layering made me feel just a little too Lucky Mag, but hey, I managed to avoid carrying a completely impractical handbag and wearing eight different necklaces, so perhaps I dodged that particular bullet.  

On to more pictures!


Vogue 8728


Vogue 8728

Vogue 8728

Oh, this is Liberty fabric, too, part of the haul I purchased back in May at Shaukat. I deliberately limited myself to darker colors while there; I usually buy all brights and then feel weird wearing them in November. Soon I will have a whole slew of Novembery dresses! (Your hemisphere may vary.)

I do have a non-8728 dress to post, that will come later this week!