Hard to See

Vogue 9929

Sorry for the dark photo; it was actually rainy in California last Friday, when I browbeat my son into taking this photo.

This is another Vogue 9929; I finished it before my trip to Florida. It’s the Echino Glasses fabric that you see everywhere. I bought four yards of it when in came out and even made a skirt out of it but I ended up not wearing the skirt very often … the glasses are natural-colored and the black is a rusty one, so my sartorial OCD never was satisfied with any of the possible color combinations to wear with it (I usually settled on an olive-green t-shirt, oatmeal-colored cardigan, and black shoes).

Luckily I had juuuuuuust enough left for a 9929 — not quite enough for self-fabric bias trim to finish the neck and sleeves, but double-fold regular Wrights bias tape worked just fine — actually, the double-fold tape is nicer for this heavy fabric because it makes such a neat narrow finish. I made the pockets of black batiste, too — Echino fabric is fairly rough and ravelly, so it’s not great for pockets.

I’ve only worn this a couple of times, but so far it is an overwhelming crowd favorite. I got three compliments on it before I even made it to my desk that morning! (I went with one of my co-workers to get coffee and it started to get a little embarrassing … especially because he released v1 of an amazing new websocket framework last week, and there I was getting compliments on a dress.)

I wore it with a short-sleeved red cardigan (not shown), a black men’s Swatch, a black leather bracelet, and a pair of shoes I hardly ever wear because they have a prominent logo (on the SOLES, so not all that visible) that drives me nuts. (I’m like Cayce Pollard about logos.) I waffle about what glasses to wear with it — red ones, these heavy black ones, transparent ones, or no glasses at all? There is a case to be made for each option. Last time I chose red, this time black, and perhaps next time I will bust out the transparent ones (which I haven’t worn yet because they’re huge, and I’m not yet reconciled to the return of 1980s-style giant dork frames, since I rocked them last time).

I also have this fabric in the bright green … my first instinct was to make another 9929 right away, but I think I will continue hoarding it against another rainy day.

Next up on the 9929 parade: one made from this fabric. (Sneak preview here).

12 thoughts on “Hard to See

  1. I’ve been lurking and have to de-lurk to tell you that I am officially obsessed with your 9929’s! I have searched high and low (well at least on the internet) for that pattern and no can find. The foxy one is gonna look… foxy! Can’t wait. I’ll just have to vicariously enjoy the pattern and dresses through you.


  2. I love that fabric! And what a great style of dress, too. You can never beat a dress with pockets.

    I found your blog through mine – your “related posts elsewhere on the web” thingy (technical term) had recommended a post I did on Liberty fabric when you wrote about finding Liberty in Japan (in 2008!). What a cool thing! I am a seamstress too, now turned florist – and I’m so glad to have found you.


    • I just refound your site after years of being off the internet due to health issues (and so happy to have rediscovered it!). I just had to comment that I just laughed so hard at LinB’s comment. Let us include picking out stitches too.

      Thanks for all the lovely eye-candy, and the chuckles. I’m glad to have found your site again. You’ve been bookmarked!


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