Found it! (almost)

Vogue 4544

Remember the "Let's Go To Florida!" dress from here? Well, a full-on dredge of eBay turned up one (not my size, alas) from seller On-A-Moonbeam, who nicely included a scan of the entire front pattern envelope, so now we can really see the lines.

And, hoo boy, look at that skirt! Those are godets, are they not? Four of them. The listing shows the back of the pattern, which tells you that the width of the skirt at the hem for a size 16 (B34) is 262 inches. That's about seven and a quarter YARDS. No way I'm hemming that … except, isn't it gorgeous?

This pattern doesn't look too difficult to do; this might be a good starter for someone who wants to start off with something glamorous. Only don't make your first version in satin or velvet or anything slippery and expensive … try a lightweight cotton, okay? Believe me, this dress would be a knockout even if you made it in cotton flannel. Not that I'm recommending that, but hey, if that sounds like fun to you, who am I to quibble?

And thanks to everyone who gave me recommendations for Tokyo; I did go find Tomato fabrics and I did buy nearly my own weight in cotton prints. I'll have pics in a day or two, I hope …