Lovely Things to Make For Girls of Slender Means

Eithne Farry's UK publisher sent me a copy of Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means, which doesn't seem to be available through Amazon in the US yet. 


I reviewed Eithne's previous book way back when, this one is very much in the same spirit: jump in, let's do it, don't fuss too much, let's go! 

If you like punk-rock, rough-edged, uneven-and-so-what-who-cares? projects, you will love this book. (If you measure eight times and cut once, this book will give you hives. But you should read it anyway for new ideas and to loosen up a bit already …) 

Being a UK title, there are some materials we won't be able to get here in the states (I'd never seen a chip fork!) and others that seem implausible (c'mon, is there really such a thing as a "holiday donkey" and do they wear hats?) but most of the projects are universal. (I may just have to make the Lego belt buckle, goodness knows there are enough Legos in my house …)

I think I said that her last book would be an excellent gift for a tentative teen sewist, and that goes double for this one. Eithne has a very freeing perspective on sewing — basically, try it, it just might work!  (I love the "roughly pleated skirt" project, which is the sewing equivalent of "add some flour until it looks right" school of cooking.)