The Hundred Dresses: Day 16

Here’s another version of the W3 dress:

polka-dot W3 dress

It is surprisingly hard to tell the back from the front with this dress pattern (and this print!) but here is what I am pretty sure is the back:
polka-dot W3 dress

I made this dress in an extreme hurry because I had gotten it into my head that I needed a slightly vintagey, yet cool and comfortable dress to go out dancing in one Saturday night. I got this idea about  4 pm, and the dancing started around 9. So it was a bit of a rush job, as you can see by the not-quite-matching of the print at the waist, here:
polka-dot W3 dress

That shoulder pleat, though, I’m still really liking it:
polka dot W3 dress shoulder detail

Side zip? B+ this time.
polkadot W3 side zip

Oh, and a sneak preview of a dress (or two) that’s coming next week, as it was hanging in my hotel room waiting to be hemmed:

sneak peek!

I just picked up

… this fabric, at the Oakland White Elephant sale (Suzette! Sorry I missed you! Leah! Nice running into you!): 


Yep, polished cotton, with polka-dots the way the good Lord intended them to be: fist-sized.

What should I make? Did I mention that there was SEVEN and SEVEN-EIGHTHS yards of it? Which I bought for $23? (Some days I'm so darn lucky that it's a wonder I'm not killed by angry bystanders on the spot.)

I got some other stuff too, including as much vintage bias tape as I could carry. Pics to come.