Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 7758


Spy #1: You know how they call it "microfiche"? It's actually much bigger than you think — it's just smaller than regular fiche. That's why we need such big pockets. 

Spy #2: It's a little-known fact that the nub at the top of an authentic beret contains an antenna, to help send secret radio dispatches.

Spy #3: This vent on the back of my dress? It can emit knockout gas! You have to sit up straight all the time, though, so you don't accidentally dose the row behind you at the movies. 

Today's pattern is from Stitches and Loopstons of wonderful shirtdresses there now! And this one which is sold out but I want — anyone got it? 

Well Hello, Kitty


Y'all have already seen the new Hello Kitty fabric from Liberty, yes? (Thanks to Sherri for reminding me to post about this.) I love the idea but I'm slightly meh about the execution. It's too floral for me. Where are my beloved geometrics?

Oh, here they are, from their "Rock Star" (oh, sorry, "Liberty Rocks") line: 


Turns out that guy from the Stone Roses is now an artist. Who knew? (The whole Artist line is pretty cool, actually.)

The other disappointment is that only the Tana Lawn is available on their site, although supposedly the fabric is also available in the (much more versatile) poplin weave as well. (Dear Liberty, Please make more poplin. Also, how about a "Famous Scientists Design for Liberty" line? Love, Erin.)

Do you have a favorite in the new line? 

Fall Fabric Splurge

Couldn't help myself — Sawyer Brook had Milly fabric:


Such a perfect fabric for autumn, don't you think? Once the months start ending with "-ber," I start thinking about olive. For some reason olive just feels right for fall. I'm not sure what dress this will turn into, but it will probably be accessorized with tights, a scarf, a slice of pumpkin bread, and a cup of hot chocolate. (Or possibly a pocketful of leftover Halloween candy. Those orange-wrapped peanut butter chews, amirite?)

Of course, I haven't completely let go of summer yet … this was on sale, and it would take a much, much stronger woman than me to pass this up:


This might be another Simplicity 1577

What's your fall fabric splurge?



PatternReview Saves My Ass

I fell in love with this skirt (Vogue 1247) a while back, because, pockets!


(Ignore the floppy blouse. What is it with the giant floppy asymmetrical t-shirtish thing? </old person>)

This pattern looked easy, quick, and best of all, pockets! So I did what everyone ought to do before making a new pattern and checked PatternReview to see what other folks have said about it. 

And I'm so glad I did, because the general consensus was to lengthen the skirt by FIVE INCHES. Yep. Five inches. If I hadn't checked, I probably wouldn't have noticed how short the skirt was, and then Mister Evans would have thrown me out of the Junior High Dance I wouldn't have ever worn the skirt. Plus, there were several suggestions to leave off the waistband and just finish the waist with a petersham ribbon facing (which is what I ended up doing). 

There are lots of great things about this skirt, I mean, besides the pockets. It went together in less than an hour, including (machine) hemming. Also, it takes barely any fabric. I think I had less than 1.5 yards of this green-overdyed denim. 


I did a little subtle topstitching on the back, which I don't think you can see here:


And here's a better glimpse of the pockets (that's an index card): 


With the new longer length it hits me just at the knee. And it's really comfortable. I'm hoping (at some point in the distant future) to make a couple more with fancier treatments of the horizontal seams (Piping, maybe colorblocking? I have some pink satin that I've been meaning to overlay with some violently yellow lace and this would be an awesome pattern for that …)

But the first person to mention that a horizontal seam at the hips may, possibly, conceivably, make you look slightly wider gets a resounding Bronx cheer in the comments. C'mon, live a little! You can't always worry about the width of your hips, sometimes you have to worry about where to put your wallet & cell phone! Or about why everyone under 30 seems to only wear a short tight skirt, a big floppy blouse, and four-inch nude-colored platform pumps!  Worrying about looking wider fell off my worry-about list some time ago. (But zombies are still on my list. Oh, yes, those pesky zombies …)

I'm Only Happy When It's Complicated

It may just be the crashing head cold I have while writing this (blogging on Dayquil: the package doesn't say you shouldn't do it) but this dress seems really appealing right now:

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 12.46.48 PM

I like this color blue (or is it green?), and the pleats in the skirt, and the odd collar. Not entirely sure how I feel about the descended pocket, but I'm willing to take it under consideration. The whole thing is more than a little Star-Trekky; not in a bad way, in some future Star Trek universe where Martha Stewart and her heirloom-chicken-egg colors had their way with the petroleum-based fabrics of the future. 

Did I mention I like those skirt pleats? I really do. It's a complicated dress, and I don't care how much disheveled hair and leather bracelet and casually.jpgcked grassy/flower things you add to the picture, it's still going to be complicated. And note that you can't see any shoes in the picture, I have no idea what you'd wear with these. (Round-toe pumps with a low square heel is my best guess.)

This is one of those dresses, though, that look best on body types that are 80% limb; and, of course, on models who are pogoing up and down for the camera. I know that jumping makes the clothes move and everything look alive, but jeez, it seems a bit hard on the knees. And, really, how much jumping up and down do we do in our day-to-day lives? (Maybe if you're a game-show contestant? A trampoline tester? Pogo-stick demonstrator?)

It's for sale. In Australia, although it looks like you can buy it with NZ money, too. Speaking of Australia, I'll be there in December. Should we try for a meetup?  

Thanks to Yvonne for the link! 

Happy Jen-niversary!


What are you wearing to the party? (Which party? The party to celebrate Jen's fifth anniversary with MOMSPatterns — that party!) I'm wearing this. And eating pigs in blankets. In my head.

It's a virtual party, happening this weekend, and in celebration and as a THANK YOU, she'd like to run YOU a 20% off weekend sale on all patterns on her site! Use the coupon code 'happyfiver' when you check out from right now until midnight EST Monday, September 12, 2011, and the discount will be applied. Please remember that Jen ships for free in the USA & Canada with the purchase of 5 or more patterns, and offers discounted shipping internationally  

(Discounts may be used on any patterns, regularly priced or sale priced!)

(Definitely check out the 40s and 50s patterns, there are tons of new ones …)

Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 4086


Blue: My pensive, wistful look is the best. The director just has to give me this part. 

Pink Dot #1: I don't know why that blonde is even wasting her time. Everyone knows brunettes do coy and bashful best. This part is mine.

Pink Dot #2: Does this pose say "My life will be pointless unless I feed my cat "Fussy Cat" cat food"? I think it does. This role is mine! Besides, hats always sell pet products. I read it in Advertising Age.

Pattern from Jen at MOMSPatterns