Revisiting the Hoard

As much as moving sucks (and it really does suck) it also can be the occasion to re-find things you forgot you had. Like these buttons:
more buttons

and these:
even more buttons

and these:
and yes more buttons


The “e” buttons were from this dress, which died a terrible stained death; the black flower buttons were used on a different dress that I can’t remember now; the others are all still waiting their turn with me (although as vintage buttons they’ve had full lives up until now).

I don’t usually start dresses at the buttons; they’re always added in a desperate flurry at the end, where I dump out all my button boxes and hope to find the perfect buttons somewhere in my stash. (I only add buttons in that window between thirty minutes after fabric-store closing time to three hours before fabric-store opening time.) This means that it’s better — actually essential, truly optimal — to have as many buttons as possible, to increase the chances of finding a good match.

As I pack (and unpack) I’ll try to take more pictures …

Today's Pattern Story (and Sales): McCalls 9658


Red: You may think I'm just casting a coy glance, but I'm really about to thwop my sister in the back of the head. It's okay, we've been doing this since we were kids.

Green: It's true. (Which explains my glassy, semi-dazed stare.)

Blue: Are those two idiots roughhousing again? I can't watch. I'll just stand over here and pretend I don't know them.

Today's pattern (and sale) is from Jen at MOMSPatterns — for Memorial Day Weekend, save 20% off all orders; use code 'thankyouvets' until midnight EST, May 31, 2012.  Jen's listing of 50s & 60s patterns plus 80s New/Old Stock items (if you didn't live through it the first time …) 

Plus: bonus sale!


The Button Emporium & Ribbonry is having a Memorial Day Sale, too. Through June 1, get 15% off your whole purchase (minimum $10) with coupon code memorialday2011. Including those cool needlepoint buttons above. (I kind of want to put teeny LEDs in them, don't you?) 

Oh, and hey, I'm in the UK. It's been kind of a hectic trip (hence the lack of notice & blogging), but if anyone wants to get together tomorrow [Saturday] evening, hit me up on Twitter — I'm @FakeErinMcKean.

Not Really Buttoned-Up

Commenter Lynne sent me the link to this dress from Posh Girl Vintage, which combines two of my favorite things: buttons and polka dots.


It's pique, too, so I guess that makes it three of my favorite things. Oh, wait — piping — that's four. If only it had pockets … 

It's a little small (maybe a modern 6?) but it's so adorable. (Click the image above to visit the Posh Girl listing.)