Dictionary Dateline!

So the pattern I bought a couple weeks ago from Janet at Zimmer's Army came with a little bonus:


How excellent is this? Truly excellent. 

There's also a little "wow, times have changed" moment in the back: 


It's a bit hard to read, but it's the "in case of emergency, please notify" … Mrs. Phil and Mr. Phil. Mrs. Phil! Because if you're lying bleeding under a bus, heaven forbid someone should address your respectably married mother by her first name!



Talk Me Out of This


So George S. sent me this link to Peppermint Designs' Etsy store, and I am soooo tempted to hit that little "add to cart" button, despite never really using clutch purses, like, ever.

But it's dictionary-themed! How cool is that?

Any other dictionary-related stuff I should (or shouldn't) be looking at on Etsy?