Quick Purge Update

First: I’ve updated the list to include photos for some of the dresses that didn’t have any. (The photos are on Flickr; I’ve only linked the full front view of the dress so check the photostream for side/back/pocket views.)

Also, someone asked if I would mind if they bought a dress to alter or use for the fabric. Nope! Once a dress is yours, it’s yours! You can cover it in glitter, turn it into tea cosies, incorporate it into your collages—whatever else makes you happy. 🙂

If you have asked for a dress and haven’t seen a payment request from Paypal, please check your spam folders, or log into Paypal and check your messages there. At this point everyone who has requested a dress should have received a funds request, and packages have been sent for everyone who has sent funds (if you want a tracking #, just email me).

Also, in the last purge I had some fabric up on Etsy; a few people have asked if I’m listing any fabric at the moment. I’m not listing fabric now, but I have been listing non-handmade items (dresses/skirts/shoes/scarves, etc.) on Poshmark.

The Purge (2022)

So if you were wondering “How often does Erin clear out the dresses she made but no longer wears” the answer turns out to be ‘about every five years’. Yep, it’s that time again!

Over the holidays I did a big closet re-org and realized a few things. First, WOW I have made a LOT of dresses. I mean, a LOT a LOT. Also, I seem to have done a complete palette shift since my hair has gone gray; I’m no longer pulled toward moss greens, mustard yellows, or chocolate browns.

Last time I decided to get rid of a lot of Made By Erin dresses, I put up a spreadsheet and a form and y’all went to town! I ended up being able to send ~40 dresses to new homes and $400 to Chicago Books to Women in Prison.

So I’m going to do it again! Here’s the list of dresses that are up for grabs. Not all of them have links/photos yet, but I’ll keep posting them as I find/take them. (Or hey! Surprise dress!)

If you see a dress you like, fill out THIS FORM with the dress you want and your email and mailing address, and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the $20 plus whatever shipping costs to wherever you live. Then you have a week to pay the invoice (or the dress becomes available to someone else).

Like last time, every dress is US$20. Unlike last time, there are Liberty fabric dresses, crossword puzzle dresses, and a Tetris dress on this list!

I’ll strikethrough dresses on the spreadsheet as they are claimed and remove them when they are purchased.

Here are some questions I thought you might have:

Q. Do these dresses have pockets?


Q. There’s a dress of yours I want that isn’t on the list! Will you be selling it?

A. Uh, maybe? You can email me and ask.

Q. There are no prices on the spreadsheet, how much are the dresses?

A. Every dress is US$20.

Q. What are you going to use the money for?

A. I’m going to give half of it to charity (likely bail reform, books for prisoners, or a local mutual aid org), and I’m going to use half of it to buy more fabric. (Yes, I know this negates the whole concept of “getting rid of stuff” … but, FABRIC!)

Q. What if I don’t support those causes? 

A. Easy! Don’t buy a dress!

Q. I want to buy a dress but I would like you to ship it (some way other than Priority Mail Flat Rate). Can you do that?

A. Sorry, flat rate only, as I need to minimize the time I spend in line at the Post Office.

Q. Will you make (my requested alterations) to the dress before you send it to me?

A. No, I’m afraid not … your local dry cleaners/alterations shop can help you out.

Q. Are these dresses new?

A. All of these dresses have been worn. Some have been worn more than others. (Any notable flaws are listed in the spreadsheet.)

Q. Are the measurements on the sheet body measurements or garment measurements?

A. They’re garment measurements, measured flat across the front and doubled. Make sure to leave wearing ease for yourself!

Q. Why don’t you just give them all to Goodwill and be done with it?

A. Local Goodwills and other donations orgs have been overwhelmed here, and a lot of what is donated is sent to landfill or shipped overseas to become someone else’s problem.  I’m worried my dresses will be considered unsaleable since they’re home-made—I want them to go to good homes!

Q. I would like to pay some other way (not Paypal).

A. I’m sorry, I can only take Paypal.

Q. When will this purge end?

A. At dawn. When they’re all gone. However, anything that’s not gone in a month or so (end of March) will probably get cut up into quilting squares.

Q. I have a question that you were unable to anticipate! How can I ask it?

A. Leave your question as a comment on this post and I will answer it as soon as possible.