Instant Dress!

McCalls 4152

I haven't seen this pattern (sent by Theresa, thanks!) before, have you? It's advertised as an "instant dress", with a ONE-PIECE pattern that you lay down and cut out all at once.

Looking at the back, I think I see two pieces, but no matter. What's interesting to me is that this pattern (available at RustyZipper) is still uncut. Even instant takes too long for some people …

I think there are two kinds of sewists: the ones who want to get to the finished product as fast as possible, and the ones for whom the getting there is (more than) half the fun. I used to be absolutely one of the "cut it out and run" folks; as I get older I move more towards the "enjoying the process" people (although that may just be because I am trying to enjoy the doing of everything as much as I enjoy the ends — except for teeth cleaning at the dentist's, that may be forever beyond my reach).

The "process" people should not be confused with the perfectionists who never finish projects because they are always unhappy with their work and want to rip it out and do it over (again), and the "make it today, wear it tonight" should not all be accused of being slaphappy people who use fusible everything, although sometimes I see that happening. (Luckily, not here!)

Which are you? Have you always been a "I gotta wear it now, where's my stapler?" or a "here let me finish these seams by hand in tiny stitches with silk thread" person, or did you switch camps?

This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

McCalls 3430

Green Dress: I'm just going to pretend to whisper something in your ear to make Sally jealous.

Stripey Dress: You know that stuff only works in movies, right?

Green Dress: No, really. It works. Even I want to know what I'm saying to you right now.

Stripey Dress: You do know what you're saying to me right now. You're saying it.

Green Dress: Well, as long as I'm here, we might as well catch up! What's new with you?

Stripey Dress: I've started to indulge unreasonable people in their follies.

Green Dress: Really, who?

Stripey Dress: You can tell when you see the look of resigned (yet good-natured) indulgence on my face.

Green Dress: Oh, okay. I'll keep an eye out.

Stripey Dress: Sigh.

[Pattern from Penny at Antique Dollhouse of Patterns, who is having a sale
— 10% off. (She'll refund through Paypal.)]

[Jen at MOMsPatterns is also having a sale, through Friday — save 20% until Midnight EST Friday, August 28, 2009, just use coupon code 'backtoschool'.]

Can it be? Yes … LINKTASTIC FRIDAY RETURNS! On a Monday.

black lace dress from Reware Vintage

Reware Vintage
(in Pontiac, Michigan) is having a sale — that's Bethany's black lace dress up there, B40 and $36 (!) — 20% everything using coupon code THIEF.

Wendy at PatternStash is having a sale; it runs today through Tuesday. 20% discount with code "Dressaday".

A reader (who is NOT a pattern-seller, but a pattern-buyer) has asked if I could make a post about what people would like to see in online pattern stores, and also what they would NOT like to see. If you have wishes or pet peeves, would you email them to me? I'll compile a list and post it here (and you can be as anonymous as you like).

If you missed the comments on the COPA entry, I've set up a Google group for a potential co-op, and you can sign up to join here.

Lisa gives me some of the best news I've heard in a while … Liberty + Target? Please let it be true …

Great new blog from the FIDM Museum … I especially liked this post.

Trista of Sugardale is getting rid of some vintage patterns on Etsy (you remember Trista, don't you?) and you can find them here.

Do you guys know about the California Art Deco Society's Gatsby Afternoon? That's not my time period but I'm very tempted … (thanks to Kate for the link!)

It's a dress, it's a kayak, it's a cool link from Tracey. Check it out.

Sarah (of ColorKitten) sent a link to Little Golden Book fabric! (*WANT*)

That's it for today! Enjoy your little dose of Friday on a Monday this week.

There's still some summer left …

Sherbet plaid dress

Holly at Lucite Box Vintage tipped me off that she is having a sale … 15% off any item on the site using the coupon code madmen. The sale started today and runs through Saturday 8/22.

I am such a sucker for large-scale plaids and this dress is a doozy. Plus, it's B40/W29, which is a forgiving size … especially for some of our more well-endowed friends. And only $60, or just $51 on sale!

I would wear this with little flat shoes and a white or pink cardigan, and an ice-cream cone. The ice-cream cone is the essential accessory for this dress. I recommend mint-chocolate-chip, the bright green chemical kind, for contrast, or maybe even rainbow sherbet, if you want to be all matchy-matchy. And a bicycle. I would definitely add a bicycle. A Schwinn "Breeze" by preference, but that's really up to you. (They come in yellow …)


COPA archive Advance 7827

For ONE WEEK ONLY the Commercial Pattern Archive at the University of Rhode Island is offering free online access! Login with the username "guest" and the password "pattern".

COPA has about 48,000 vintage patterns (including the small scale pattern piece images!) dating from 1868—2000. Believe me when I say you can be there ALL DAY. (Instructions for searching their archive are here.)

The cost for a full subscription, for individuals, is $120/year — a bit pricey. But think of what you can find out in a week!

Shout-out to My Peeps

City News photo by Brian Butko

Lots of stuff going on in the blogosphere and elsewhere:

Lisa of Miss Helene's was featured in an article in the Indianapolis Star (and she didn't even tell me — Rachael did)!

Cherie of Shrimpton Couture was interviewed at Collector's Weekly!

The fabulous founder of Spoonflower was interviewed on the APM podcast The Story. (Thanks to Kay for the link, and you should also know that the first part of the podcast is about a man who at the age of 17 parachuted into a forest fire with a group of fire fighters. Nothing about fabric, unless it's Kevlar.)

And our own fabulous Cookie was a featured blogger at Holly's Lucite Box blog! (And Holly's starting a BIG sale tomorrow … check this space later for more details!)

A Song in Her Heart (And Everywhere Else)

Butterick 7308

I thought I'd posted about this pattern before but a quick search of my archives (and, more tellingly, my image files) sez no. I have an eBay search set up for this, but I keep not buying it since I think I already have it. Somewhere. In a box. (Underneath another box, which is underneath a plastic bin, which is sitting on top of the one box cutter in the house that still works. Can't you tell I love moving? Also, have you seen my screwdriver? The tool, not the drink.)

However, if YOU don't have this pattern it's up right now (in B34, but the image was crappy so I used this one from the wiki) on eBay. Click on the image to visit the auction.

And — is it just me, or does this pattern illustration look like a scene from a movie musical? The lead is in the dark dress, belting her heart out about some man, while the other women pretend not to notice that someone is SINGING in PUBLIC, while chiming in on the choruses.

Happy Birthday To Me

equilter birthday fabric

So I don't have anything special planned for my birthday today but THE UNIVERSE had other ideas, because I got several completely random super-nice "you rock!" emails from strangers this morning. So thank you, Universe, and thank you, random people who woke up this morning and decided to send me a nice email!

If you wanted to do something nice in celebration of me having been alive a whole 'nother year, I would love it if you decided to pay someone (someone ELSE, not me, I'm over quota on compliments-receiving already and it's only lunchtime) a compliment today.

Go ahead and tell your barista you like their piercings, or stop someone in the grocery store and comment favorably on their shoes. Tell a parent "Your child is so cute, and so well-behaved!" Tell a dog-owner "Your dog is so cute, and so well-behaved!" Tell someone you work with how you've noticed Cool Thing X they've done lately. Go on, be creative! Be profligate, even, with your compliments, because Compliment Someone Because Erin Said So Day comes but once a year.

(Once you've complimented someone, you also have my permission to treat yourself to a cupcake, or other frosted baked good. Have fun!)

I Am Almost There

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Robin sent a link to this compelling (if you're me) eBay auction where you can get FIVE (count 'em, FIVE) shirt/bag/skirt sets for an opening bid of $9.99.

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Five! Complete! Outfits!

Five! Complete! Outfits!

(That's four; the last one is just "eh" so I'll let you click through to the eBay auction to see it.)

I am so intrigued by this, because I can totally see myself headed down this road. I already have shoes that match a dress and a skirt — and by "match" I mean THEY ARE THE SAME LIBERTY PRINT — plus I color-coordinate my watchband with my sneakers, and so on and so forth. And in the summer I pretty much wear the same uniform of A-line skirt, polo shirt, and loafers or Jack Purcells EVERY DAY. So it's only a matter of time before I indulge in the complete Garanimals-for-Grownups experience, right?

The seller mentions that all these outfits belonged to her aunt. (I would like to point out that although I am an aunt, none of my nieflings are, as yet, literate enough to write an eBay listing. So I have time.)

I just love the idea of waking up every morning and pulling a complete outfit out of the closet. I'm assuming she hung each outfit on a single hanger. (And also in my little fantasy world, the woman who owned these wore them with matching Keds.) Neighbors would know what day of the week it was by whether she was in the green thistle set or the pink one (Penguin Fridays?).

It's totally obvious I've thought WAY too much about this … as I said, I'm almost there …

Today's Pattern Story (and sale)

McCalls 4875

Agent 1: Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: [silence]
Agent 1: I *said*, Isn't it fine weather for flying a kite?
Agent 2: Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you, I was too busy BEING AWESOME.
Agent 1: [silence]
Agent 2: Isn't it fine weather for BEING AWESOME? Especially in a hat. You would be more awesome in a hat.
Agent 1: [in a quiet voice] I need the counter-sign. Doofus.
Agent 2: [sing-songing] Yes, today is perfect for kite-flying. [pause]
Especially when you are awesome. In an awesome hat.
Agent 1: The pickup is at 0800 in the main train station.
Agent 2: "Main train" rhymes!
Agent 1: I'm getting too old for this.

[Pattern's gone now from Out of the Ashes, but to console you, Sheila is having a sale! 15% off, starting Friday morning and ending Sunday evening. Enter DRESSY at checkout.]

[Also, I *covet* this pattern. Anyone else have copies? Leave a comment if so, either here or on the wiki!]