What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

And would you consider doing it in this dress from Topshop


I would definitely wear this dress, it's so over-the-top festive (it reminds me of the Betabrands Lust Skirt). Probably with black tights and high-heeled lace-up boots (to give it a little edge). And silver eyeliner, maybe? Click on the image to check out the back, which sensibly has no sequins at all (so that you aren't poked every time you sit down). 

Speaking of NYE, I don't actually have any plans. Anyone have ideas for something fun to do in San Francisco (keeping in mind that I don't drink)? I suppose I have a month to put something together … 

Melbourne: It's On


So there WILL be a vintage dress event in Melbourne, at Memoirs Boutique (422 Victoria Street, North Melbourne 3051) on Tuesday the 6th. If you'd like to come, do please RSVP at that link before 3 December, since I think there are only so many folks they can fit into the store! (Thanks to Hachette Australia for setting this up!)

I'm ridiculously excited for this trip to Australia. Can't wait! 

Today's Pattern Story and Sale: McCalls 5107


Green Dress: If I fix my gaze firmly on the ground over there, I can't possibly be held responsible for anything that's going on to my right.

Blue Dress: Dammit, this propane torch won't light! And the man at the shop guaranteed instant ignition?

Plaid Dress: She thinks she's being so stealthy, but won't she be surprised to learn my dress is made of asbestos fiber?

(Yes, I *have* had too much pie today, why do you ask?)

Today's pattern is from Jen at MOMSPatterns, and she's having a HUGE sale tomorrow for Small Biz Saturday: use coupon code 'smallbiz' when you check out to save  25% This code is good until midnight EST on Saturday November 26, 2011. (PS: This code is good NOW for folks who read Dress A Day …)

Today's Pattern Story and Sale: Vogue 7787


Gray dress: Don't let anybody tell you that a chair with disappearing legs is better to lean against than a disappearing ledge. It's just not true, despite what Miss Cherry Jumper over there seems to think. 

Miss Cherry Jumper: I wish I had worn my glasses after all. I can't read that sign … does it say "don't lean on the disappearing chair?" I hope not, those disappearing ledges are so dangerous. 

This pattern is on sale now through Sunday (as are all the patterns at http://risingfeenix.com/inc/sdetail/64659 — use the code GONECAMPING for 15% off). Unfortunately, this one isn't in my size, anyone have one in a bust 34? 

(And oh, is anyone else using Pinterest? I'm starting to like it more and more. I'm FakeErinMcKean there.) 

Happy Birthday, Pattern Review!


Pattern Review is celebrating its tenth anniversary! Congratulations to Deepika and to all the PR members who make PR such a great site — with more than ninety THOUSAND pattern reviews, PR is the first place I look when I'm deciding whether or not to make a commercial pattern. If you're not a member (basic membership is free!), you really should be

There are a bunch of PR Day meetups going on all over the world this coming Saturday, November 19th (I wish I could go to PR Day Denmark!) … check out the list here


I'm *almost* done with my 8728 obsession (almost — stay tuned). I've started now to noodle around a bit with the idea of jumpers, for winter (or for what passes for winter, in California). I checked out MOMSPatterns for some inspiration:




And, of course, I think I may go back to last year's obsession, our friend Heidi, or even this similar BurdaStyle pattern:


Although I'm afraid that perhaps what's really pulling me towards this pattern is the pocket topstitching, which I would almost certainly be too lazy to do. (And her truly exceptional liquid-eyeliner skills — at 40, is it too late for me to master that? I suppose it doesn't really go well with glasses …) And that armhole is a bit deep for me … even with a t-shirt under it, it can look weird.

There's also McCalls 5927, which has a gazillion great reviews on PatternReview — check out this  gorgeous dress & photo from Eugenia:


Is anyone else thinking jumpers? Or going beyond the "thinking" stage to the "making" stage? If so, what patterns are you using? 

[Jen is running some great sales over the next two weeks … especially good if you use AMEX, because a week from Saturday is "Small Business Saturday" — if you use a registered AMEX card at a small business on Saturday the 26th, you can get $25 back. Details are here. Before then, use the code 'gobble' to save 15% all month …] 

Oh, Yeah, This Pattern Too.

I bet you thought I forgot all about Simplicity 1577, didn't you? I did not, see below:

Simplicity 1577 dress

This is done in really heavy black and gray seersucker. I can't describe it well, so here, see another picture: 

Simplicity 1577 dress bodice

And one more: 


Simplicty 1577 dress pocket

This dress is extremely comfortable to wear, and even though it's seersucker, preferred fabric of summer, I've been wearing it all November-style with a long-sleeved black tee and black knee socks (and Justin roper boots) which is a little goth Dickensian orphan, but in a good way. 

Because the fabric is so heavy I lined the pockets in lightweight black cotton, and did the undercollar in the same material:  

I really like this heavy version of this dress, so I bought some black cotton faille and am going to make it again. I also have a black and beige faille, and a heavy houndstooth in brown and black … and some maroon stripey wool, and a truly maddening unmatchable plaid, all of which might be good candidates for this pattern. But don't worry — I also made two more Liberty Vogue 8728s. You'll see them soon!

Next Stop: Paris

So: I will be in Paris for twenty-four magical hours next week. Next week Tuesday, to be precise. 

What should I do? All suggestions gratefully received (although I am unlikely to: rent a Vespa, drink absinthe, or visit the Folies Bergère). 

This book has not been much help (although very entertaining):  The Magic of Dress

You Can't, You Won't, And You Don't Stop: 8728

Vogue 8728 in Liberty

Those of you who asked for more: here you go. Those of you rolling your eyes and thinking "How many of these Vogue 8728s can she MAKE?" should brace yourselves; this is not the last by a long shot …

I wore this in a colder-weather place pretty successfully (I think) over a thin longsleeved black t-shirt and black tights, under a longer sweater. That much layering made me feel just a little too Lucky Mag, but hey, I managed to avoid carrying a completely impractical handbag and wearing eight different necklaces, so perhaps I dodged that particular bullet.  

On to more pictures!


Vogue 8728


Vogue 8728

Vogue 8728

Oh, this is Liberty fabric, too, part of the haul I purchased back in May at Shaukat. I deliberately limited myself to darker colors while there; I usually buy all brights and then feel weird wearing them in November. Soon I will have a whole slew of Novembery dresses! (Your hemisphere may vary.)

I do have a non-8728 dress to post, that will come later this week!