The Hundred Dresses: Day 59

Another Vogue 8728, this time in bright pink dotted swiss:

pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728

I posted this dress a couple of years ago — I wore it on my 40th birthday. It really is THAT PINK:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 bodice
Here’s the side zip:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 side zip
And the back:
pink dotted swiss Vogue 8728 back 2

I really do love dotted swiss, but I haven’t made up any other dresses in it since this one. (And I have at *least* three other pieces, and maybe five …) I’m thinking maybe that Simplicity pattern from the other day might be a good candidate …

And in The-Hundred-Dresses-the-book news, thanks very much to Jessica at Bed Knobs and Baubles for her very nice review!

The Hundred Dresses: Day 58

Don’t worry, there aren’t 8728 Vogue 8728s. This one dates from October 2011:

alphabet Vogue 8728 front


I think this may be my most recent alphabet-print dress. I have lots and lots of alphabet-print FABRIC still, but I haven’t felt the need to make any of it up recently. Perhaps because I give fewer dictionary-themed talks these days?

The bodice (the type’s not quite so sharp on this one):
alphabet Vogue 8728 bodice

Pretty decent zipper:
alphabet Vogue 8728 side zip

And the back:
alphabet Vogue 8728 back

Today’s Vogue 8728 comes with a bonus helping of Supreme Court Justice:

We meet again

(You can get the full story here.)

The Hundred Dresses (the book) is now up to eight Amazon reviews … but it’s always nice to have more, if you’ve read the book and want to have your say!

The Hundred Dresses: Day 56

I hope you’re aren’t tired of Vogue 8728 just yet … this one is my absolute favorite one:

Liberty Mark Vogue 8728


I’ve posted about this one before … it’s Liberty Mark.

Liberty Mark Vogue 8728 bodice


I even have a pair of shoes in Liberty Mark that match this dress.

Liberty Mark Vogue 8728 side zip


Looking at this dress makes me so happy. I think I might wear it again this week.

Liberty Mark Vogue 8728 back

I have a skirt made from this fabric as well, if by “have” you mean “it’s waiting at the bottom of the fix-it pile and will probably turn into crude oil before I get to it.” I also have a tiny bit of this fabric left over (might have to hit up that Shaukat link up above) in this colorway, and some in a bright pink poplin (that was part of the Liberty/Target collaboration, and that I found completely by accident in a NYC fabric store).


The Hundred Dresses: Day 54

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another Vogue 8728:
Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728

This is Liberty First Prize, which is one of my favorite prints.
Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728 bodice

I love the navy/khaki/camel colorway here, although I find it difficult to find things to match it in my black/gray/red-heavy wardrobe. (I’ve also made a dress in this same design, but in the maroon colorway.)
Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728 side zip

This back photo turned out a bit fuzzy, sorry about that. (There’s a better picture of it here.)
Liberty First Prize Vogue 8728 back

And in The Hundred Dresses (the book) news — I’ve just seen its first library recommendation! Thank you, Brittany Adams, of the Calloway County Public Library!

The Hundred Dresses: Day 53

Another Vogue 8728:

Liberty Vogue 8728

This isn’t my favorite of the 8728s, but it’s the one I wear the most. It’s really versatile.
Liberty Vogue 8728 bodice

I usually wear this (wait for it) with a cardigan, but it also looks nice over a thin long-sleeved scoopneck t-shirt and leggings (and ballet flats), or by itself with bare legs and black sandals. If I wear it with leggings it looks better with a longer, more vest-like sweater.
Liberty Vogue 8728 side zip

I end up wearing this with a black or a red cardigan although I’m always on the lookout for a cardigan in *exactly* this shade of grayish teal. If you know of one, shout out, okay?
Liberty Vogue 8728 back

This fabric is Liberty, but I can’t find/remember the style name …


The Hundred Dresses: Day 52

And now for a little flashback … remember the Vogue 8728?

Liberty Mike Vogue 8728

This is in a Liberty print called “Mike” (and I just bought some more in the gray colorway, because I really love this print). Don’t you? (It also comes in a bright green …)
Liberty Mike Vogue 8728 bodice

Here’s the side zip:
Liberty Mike Vogue 8728 side zip

And the back:
Liberty Mike Vogue 8728 back

I haven’t been wearing these 8728s that much lately — I’m not sure why. I might have OD’d a little on them last year, I made a LOT of them (<–foreshadowing) and wore them constantly. They are really easy to wear — throw on a cardigan and flats, or a cardigan and boots, or a cardigan and [insert footwear here] and you are good to go.

I’m always on the lookout for a good simple dress pattern that makes up well in lightweight cottons, is amenable to being worn with round-neck cardigans, and allows for capacious pockets. (Someday I will take a photo of everything I’ve carried in my pockets all day …) (Please feel free to send your candidates c/o this address.)

The Hundred Dresses: Day 51

If you’ve ever wondered what Vogue 9929 would look like in Tetris fabric, consider your curiosity satisfied:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929

After realizing that there was probably no way to salvage yesterday’s dress, I decided to try for Tetris Dress 2. This time I prewashed the fabric with dye fixative, and I think the results are MUCH better:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 bodice

You’re still never going to get a deep deep black from digitally printed fabric, I think. But that lessens the contrast (SLIGHTLY) with my not-especially-invisible purple zipper:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 zipper

I used hem facing tape to help weigh down the hem, which was necessary because the fabric’s a bit lightweight. (And a Tetris dress should have a solid hem, don’t you think?)
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 hem 3

Here you can see it finished:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 hem

And … the back:
Spoonflower Tetris Vogue 9929 back


I would say that this is probably my last Tetris dress for a while, but who knows? I should also mention here that I do not make these dresses commercially, but if you do a quick Etsy search you should find several people who WILL sell you a Tetris dress of your very own!

(Disclosure … Spoonflower uses the Wordnik APIs — you can read more about it here — but no money changes hands and I was a customer of Spoonflower before they began using the Wordnik API.)

The Hundred Dresses: Day 50

So, remember the Tetris Dress? In case you don’t remember … back in 2006 I idly remarked that someday I’d love to have Tetris fabric, so that I could make a border-print Tetris dress. Then, in 2009, the extremely awesome (and cool) Jenny at Chronically Uncool made some Tetris fabric with Spoonflower. A few months later … this dress happened.
Tetris Dress full view

I should really go check how many people find my blog after googling “Tetris dress”, shouldn’t I? It’s still one of the dresses I get the most emails about. (I wore it to give a short talk at the Web 2.0 Summit.)
Tetris Dress bodice

Here’s a closer look at the very-80s-blue front facings:
Tetris dress front facing

Here’s the back … I almost didn’t get that yellowy-greeny piece to clear the middle back seam.
Tetris dress back bodice

This pattern is Vogue 9670, which I’ve made quite a few times. Here’s the side zipper:
Tetris dress side zip

The bright blue pockets:
Tetris dress pocket lining

And, of course, the most important part — the border.
Tetris dress hem

I don’t wear this that much anymore, because the fabric wasn’t entirely colorfast … there’s fading on the skirt:
Tetris dress skirt

And on the bodice:
Tetris dress fading

And especially at the front waist seam:
Tetris dress fading #2

Now when I buy digitally-printed fabric I wash it first with this color fixative stuff from Dharma (it is extremely poisonous and has a super-scary label, but it works …) and I haven’t had as many problems with fading since trying this trick. (I don’t do a separate soak, just running it through the regular wash seems to do the trick.)

I miss wearing this dress, though, because it always gets a great reaction (and standing offers of demonstrations of affection, it seems). Is there anyone who doesn’t love Tetris?

(And … we’re halfway done with a-hundred-dresses-for-The-Hundred-Dresses! If you’re just joining us, please check out the links to the book here.)