Slow Art, Nice Clothes.

[Image of the Met's Anglomania exhibit BY-NC-ND 2.0 by testpatern]

Mina sent me a list of fashion museums around the world from this Yahoo!Travel article — I've repurposed it into a wiki page over at the Vintage Pattern Wiki. Know of others? Please add them!

Which reminds me, do you all know about Slow Art Day? It's April 16 this year.

Slow Art Day was started to invite novices – and experts – to experience the art of looking at art slowly.

It's a very simple process. Volunteer hosts (not necessarily experts) invite people to come to a local museum and view a small number of works of art for 5 to 10 minutes each. Then everyone meets for lunch at a nearby cafe to talk about their experience. And all this happens the same day around the world.

In San Francisco, my son and I will be doing Slow Art Day at the Cartoon Art Museum — come join us!

If there's a fashion museum by you, why not sign up to host in your city?