Guess What Monday Is?

Evening Dresses for September 1818

It's International Wear-A-Dress Day 2008!

Although, really, to give people more of a chance to participate (and as long as we're creating our own occasions) why don't we call it "International Wear-A-Dress WEEK 2008"?

I made a Flickr group for people to upload photos to, it's here, and I'll try to post great examples next week if people upload them, hint hint. (If you don't want your dress blogged, please tag it DNB — for DO NOT BLOG — when you upload your picture).

I will most likely be wearing this dress.

For more about the genesis of International Wear A Dress Day/Week, see the comments on this post.

Ten Reasons Skirts are Better Than Pants

Butterick 5282

[*for UK readers, please substitute "trousers" for "pants" throughout. Or just giggle, I don't care.]

1. Drawing your pants legs back from someone in disgust as you pass them is insufficiently scornful.

2. Studies have shown that wearing skirts is 90% effective in preventing VPL (visible panty line).

3. Ditto for "plumber's butt," "whale tail," and "camel toe."

4. Ruffles on a skirt can be over-the-top glamorous. Ruffles on pants are only acceptable if your name is Mary, and a little lamb follows you everywhere you go.

5. It is impossible to smuggle someone in — or out — of prison, a masked ball, a hotel room, etc. by hiding them under your pants. (Plus, there is no such thing as "hooppants."

6. When you strap a gun to your thigh in pants, you lose the element of surprise.

7. You don't have to have skirts hemmed differently for flats or heels.

8. Twirling in a pair of pants results in 87% less happiness.

9. The word "skirt" has both a singular and a plural form, usable by all ("I am wearing a skirt today." "Instantly Mrs. Bagnet put some pins into her mouth, and began pinning up her skirts all round, a little higher than the level of her grey cloak.") The word "pants" has a singular than can only be used by fashion-industry people ("Designers are showing a high-waisted, wide-legged pant for fall").

10. Skirt blowing up, revealing underthings? Sexy. Pants falling down, revealing underthings? Humiliating.

[Pattern from MOMSPatterns.]

Meet Our Advertisers #8: eVintage Society

Past Perfect dress

Dress from Past Perfect Vintage, a member of the eVintage Society.

What is The eVintage Society?
eVintage was founded in 2006 as a on-line community in the form of a sellers collective.
By collaborating on informational projects we create bonds of partnership within our member community, helping each other to foster each of our own unique on-line vintage businesses. We continue to grow and build vintage fashion resources for everyone to enjoy. We want to not only bridge the community between sellers, but between buyers and sellers too.

Why do people join eVintage?
The opportunities at eVintage for exposure really are only limited to each member's imagination! We have so many ways to promote and participate our members and each of us contributes in some way: whether it's through style sites, blogging, research, newsletters, advertising and special promotions, eVintage wants small vintage sellers to succeed.

How can people join eVintage?
eVintage has an application page here. To apply for membership please email us at: info at evintagesociety dot com.

What does eVintage do for buyers?
eVintage offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for the buyer. We have designer bios, a vintage resource library, and we offer a streamlined portal with a great selection of sellers all in one place. We also have interactive communities on MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo. We have multiple blogs as a collective such as eVintage Village, Vintage or Bust, and eBetty DIY as well as individual sellers' blogs. Buyers can access all this info and links from our homepage at

And a few more pieces of eVintage Society eye candy wouldn't hurt, would it?

Hotchpotch Vintage Pattern Simplicity 3448

Isabella's Vintage dress

Damn Good Vintage dress

Pink Dots For Tea

Boden Pink Dot dress

I am oddly entranced with this Pink Dot Tea Dress which I found on the sale section of the Boden site (I went there last night to look for v-neck cardigans, which are on my "want" list for fall … and got distracted by the on-sale stuff). It's only available in limited sizes, and only in pink, but … it's cute! Click on the tiny image to visit their site and see a zoomable picture.

Boden calls this a Spotty Tea Dress, but that makes me think of less-pleasant things, so I will just call it a Pink Dot Tea Dress, if that's all right with y'all. Not that I don't spot myself with tea on a regular basis (drinking iced tea all day long as I do, and not being the most graceful of persons). And occasionally I'll spot other people to an iced tea. And more often than I like I break out in what the Brits call 'spots'. But I don't think I want a dress to remind me of that.

I've had generally good experiences with Boden; I have a printed twill coat of theirs which is one of my favorite things, ever. I haven't bought a dress from them yet, though, mostly because I really, really don't want to buy things without pockets. But if you don't have that odd compulsion, maybe this dress is for you? (Or you could try this one, which does have pockets — but is only in smaller sizes.)

Core Competency

Simplicity 4651

I know I've posted about this one before, but this time I actually bought the pattern. (Don't worry — Beth sent me a link to another one, available here in B32, if you want one).

I'm still turning over in my head what I want to sew for the fall and winter. I'm thinking I might do some more pocket skirts, but I also wanted a simple dress pattern that 1) had pockets and 2) could be worn under a cardigan sweater easily (meaning — no fancy neck details).

This seems to answer my RFP nicely, doesn't it? I am thinking about these as (for lack of a better term) competency dresses. Dresses you could carry a stack of heavy books in, go up and down a ladder in, duck under a desk to re-route cables in, keep a pocketful of pencils in, etc., but which still look neat and tidy. The skirt's not too narrow or too full, the neck's neither too high (strangle-y) nor too low (cleavage-y) and the simple lines mean that you could go a bit wild with your fabric choices.

Plus, it looks as if the pattern calls for piping — both versions here have it.

I think I'd like a black lightweight denim one (with the skirt slightly shorter, maybe just below the knee) with the pockets trimmed with metal zipper; a gray poplin one trimmed with red; a dark teal with yellow piping … the list goes on.

Last Week, On Vogue Pattern Theatre …

Vogue 487

I think the eBay auction for this is over, but Rachel sent it to me as another fauxlero example. Isn't it magnificent? (The original seller was Cinderella's Ball.)

Can't you just hear the narrator's voiceover? "Last week, Victoria found out that Geoffrey wasn't just a striving young businessman … he's the missing heir to the throne of Graustark! He's come to beg her forgiveness … but will he love the spoiled society belle as much as he loved the glove-counter clerk she was pretending to be? Let's find out this week on Vogue Pattern Theatre!"

Frankly, clerk/belle or businessman/prince, I don't care, I just think I *need* that skirt treatment … even if I will always be getting it caught in the car door. And I need it in that sensational teal color.

(But Victoria better take that hat off before he kisses her, or someone is gonna lose an eye!)

Meet Our Advertisers #7: Specialist Auctions

McCalls 8385

How long have you been in business?
Specialist Auctions Vintage section opened in June of 2006 but the site itself opened late in 2005.

What motivated you to go into the vintage and pattern auction business? We had a request from Margaret Bolger of Artizania to open a vintage and antique clothing section. In December of 2006 our current moderator, Margaret Leyden, joined us as a seller and co-moderator of the Vintage and Antique Clothing Section and is the moderator at this time and a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Where are you based? Specialist Auctions is based in the UK but we are truly an international site with more than 50% of our sellers based in the U.S. We have vintage clothing, vintage textiles and vintage pattern sellers from Lapland, the UK, Peru and the US.

what's the weirdest/best/craziest/most beautiful thing you've ever found?
There are so many beautiful things at Specialist Auctions Vintage it would be a sin to pick just one so I'll give you four:
this zebra hostess gown from Wyoming Vintage
this 1936 home sewing magazine from Memories Past
this champagne satin party dress from Alley Cats Vintage
this popover duster dress pattern from Henrietta's Pearl Button
and, from our newest vintage pattern store, this adorable vintage jacket pattern from RetroMonde Vintage Patterns

What do you wish someone would ask you about your site?
How did we have the nerve to set the site up in the first place ?

It's a good day at work when …
We have new sellers come on board and watch them have success with selling their items. It's also great to see buyers come on board and be pleased with their purchases and the service they receive.

The pattern at the top of this post is also from RetroMonde …

If this wasn't enough Specialist Auction Action for you, check out Marge's blog, where she's been profiling SA sellers all week, in slideshows.