Sometimes Simplicity Really Is

Simplicity 5792

So ignore the hungry-looking women in the front wearing jackets, and concentrate on the woman in the distance—yes, the one in the goofy pose—and look at her dress. This is a type of dress I really like, and not just because the more seams you have in a skirt, the easier it is to force pockets into it.

I like the simple bodice, and the paneled skirt, and the belt. In the right fabric (a plain weave wool? a silk twill?) this is a dress you could wear with a cardigan and flat shoes, or a little jacket and heels, or with big chunky jewelry and fancy shoes. In fact, when I see a dress like this it's hard for me to imagine someplace you *couldn't* wear it, given the right fabric and accessories.

If you feel the same, there are two copies (different sizes) right now at Patterns From the Past (at $10 each). Just … if you make the jacketed version, lighten up on the eyeliner, okay? It kind of creeps me out.