Wedding Wiki Challenge Update

Butterick 526

So remember the Wedding Wiki Challenge? We didn't get quite to 500 dresses tagged "Bridal" before the deadline, but if you add in all the ones tagged "wedding" we're there now, so I went ahead and donated the promised amount ($500) to Women for Women.

Have you all browsed this category? Check out this one and this one (I'm pretty sure Princess Leia got married in that one) and this one

The dress in this post is from Specialist Auctions — so pretty!

Regretsy? I've had a few.

Regretsy Monster Dress

Robin sent this link from Regretsy — you must click through and read all the comments. I try to stay off Regretsy as there are not enough hours in the day as it is, but if you see anything as miraculously demented as this, please feel free to send me a link.

Of course, when I was looking at it, I thought, "Wow, if they had just hoiked it up a bit so that the flappy eyebrows were the top of the dress, this might actually work." Then I thought "Man, it would be horrible to try to get crumbs out of that skirt." Then I decided I needed more caffeine, and went and got some.

What does this dress make you think you need? Other than a strong drink and a hug from a *live* Muppet? And has anyone cross-referenced this dress with the Muppet Wikia to see what beloved character was trapped and skinned to make this7?

Today's Pattern Story (and Sale)


"Random Bride," America's favorite faux-relationship reality show, shook the dice once again in its stunning season finale, marrying ALL the contestants to men plucked from a random casting call held earlier this year in the Silver Lake Starbucks.

Contestants had earlier been told that they would be competing for a dream wedding package, including a "mystery groom."

"This way we're ALL winners," declared Claire Deloon, the fan favorite and season-long front runner. "Except for the girls not getting endorsement deals, of course."

"All the brides were so radiant, so toned, so downright obsessive about the details, that we thought it would be a shame not to marry them all off," said Executive Producer Larry Lumpen.

After the multiple-couple ceremony, the newly-married couples celebrated in a reception on the soundstage. Their honeymoons are also being taken jointly, and will be filmed for a future "Random Bride: After the Cake" special. (Airdate TBD.)

Next season, the producers are planning to launch "Random Bride: Ball and Chain," where three lucky women will have the weddings of their dreams … to men serving life sentences in maximum-security prisons.

[Writing this I can't believe how downright plausible it all sounds … sanctity of marriage my foot. And yes, I'm looking at you, Maine!]

(Today's pattern is from Wendy at PatternStash — you can get 15% off just by mentioning "dressaday" in the message to the seller. You can use this code for her patterns at ecrater, too.)

Sometimes Simplicity Really Is

Simplicity 5792

So ignore the hungry-looking women in the front wearing jackets, and concentrate on the woman in the distance—yes, the one in the goofy pose—and look at her dress. This is a type of dress I really like, and not just because the more seams you have in a skirt, the easier it is to force pockets into it.

I like the simple bodice, and the paneled skirt, and the belt. In the right fabric (a plain weave wool? a silk twill?) this is a dress you could wear with a cardigan and flat shoes, or a little jacket and heels, or with big chunky jewelry and fancy shoes. In fact, when I see a dress like this it's hard for me to imagine someplace you *couldn't* wear it, given the right fabric and accessories.

If you feel the same, there are two copies (different sizes) right now at Patterns From the Past (at $10 each). Just … if you make the jacketed version, lighten up on the eyeliner, okay? It kind of creeps me out.