Today's Pattern Pros and Cons, and Sale

Simplicity 2959


Shawl collar (love!)
Pockets (duh, love!)

Swishy-swishy skirt (all those little gathers, love!)
Buttons (love that placket!)
Model on left has no eyes, like I've seen on eighty-kajillion science-fiction shows — yet it scares me every time. NO EYES, people! (Dr Who, I'm especially looking at you. And not just because your new incarnation is cute as a button, Mr. Fish Custard Man.)

Model on the right looks as if she's calculating exactly the right angle of entry she'll need to remove your liver with a hairpin. Either that or she's checking out the photographer's assistant. Not sure which — possibly both.
All right then — more pros than cons! So if you'd like this pattern, click on the link; this pattern (and all the other ones) on Michelle's Patterns from the Past are on sale — 15% off through the end of April. Use the code SPRING.

Today's Pattern Story and Sale

Simplicity 4312

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA—New Graduates Size Up Potential Employers

New graduates of the Wartime Secretarial Pool and Military Academy of Indianapolis have been matched with potential employers today in the Academy's first-ever "draft day."

Graduating students were auctioned off the to the highest local bidders, many of them desperate for labor due to the war. The new workers' wages are federally regulated, but employers offered many perks, such as free hair waving, Friday movies, and company-supplied dickies.

Employer Sam Hardin, a local wholesale distributor, approved of the school's novel idea for matching employers and graduates. "These girls have had real good secretarial training," he agreed, "Plus, if we're invaded and Jerry gets this far, any one of them could take three or four down with a nail file. I've seen their drills." Jewel Harris, of Menckenville, who graduated with an advanced stenography certificate and the school's sharpshooting medal, was also happy with process. "Typing bills of lading and close-order drill sure beats washing dishes at home," she said.

Today's pattern is brought to us by Lisa, of Vintage Pattern Library. Her dog was hit by a car last week (he's fine, but there are vet bills!) so she's running a sale — use code GODOGGO for 20% off, in honor of Boo, the magical bouncing dog. (And since Lisa and her family are huge Butler basketball fans, also in honor of the Butler Bulldogs!) Good though 4/11.

If Loving These is Wrong (you know the rest)

Cynthia Rowley Roxy Sandals

I knew when I first saw these that I HAD to have them, even though they are 1) intended for fifteen-year-olds, and 2) patently ridiculous. But aren't they just AWESOME? They are. Don't try to deny it. They're Cynthia Rowley for Roxy, and I'm only slightly embarrassed to say I saw them in Lucky. (Remind me to go into my rant about the Lucky-fication of American Fashion, or perhaps you can just read my latest column in the Boston Globe, here.)

They are also quite comfortable and make people on the street (at least in New Orleans, where I was recently) say "Damn, girl, those are some cute shoes." Your street-interactions may vary, but only in the choice of positive adjective. I promise.

They also come in black and white gingham. What's not to love? I ask you. But I'm not listening.

Cynthia Rowley Roxy Sandals

Today's Pattern Story and Sale

Simplicity 5662

Carla: Well, well. What have we here?

Darla: Looks like someone here is unclear on how things are run in this town, boss.

Marla: [raises chin, menacingly.]

Carla: You mean someone doesn't know that this is OUR department store, Darla?

Darla: Looks that way, boss.

[Marla's silence, is, if anything, more unnerving than the rough voices of Carla and Darla.]

Carla: I'm sure these … girls … didn't mean any harm. And I'm sure they feel so terrible about trespassing that they'd like to make it up to us, don't you think so, Darla?

Darla: Makes sense to me, boss.

Carla: So if these ladies just hand over their new lipsticks, I think we'll call it a simple misunderstanding, right, Darla?

Darla: I'm sure they'll agree, boss.

[Marla starts humming under her breath. It may or may not be the Toreador song from Carmen.]

Carla: [examines lipsticks.] Very, very nice, ladies. I commend your excellent taste, if not your senses of direction. Have a lovely day.

Today's pattern is from Sheila, at Out of the Ashes — and she's running a spring sale! Get 15% off starting tomorrow morning, April 8, with the coupon code SPRING. (All paid orders will ship Wednesday or Thursday 4/14 or 4/15.)

Ready for Anything

Vogue 7597

Isn't this dress magnificent? It's from Lanetz Living.

I desperately want to make this up in a heavy black silk/cotton. You could wear it to ANYTHING. I'd wear the collar open, probably, with a scarf (if I were feeling dashing) or colored beads … I wouldn't wear a brooch or pin for fear of getting it caught on something and ripping the dress.

If I had just one spare day's worth of time in the next two months I would buy this pattern outright. (I, um, already ordered that fabric. Black silk/cotton for $6.99/yard? Please.) But lately I've been trying not to hoard patterns that I know I won't sew right away; it doesn't seem quite fair. I just trust that when I have the time, the universe will make the pattern available to me. (I wish I could feel that way about fabrics, but they are SO much harder to search for …)

This one deserves a good home. That skirt! Those pockets! I like the short-sleeved version best (although I probably would leave off the cuffs — they're so lumpy under a cardigan).

This dress doesn't have to be dressy — it would be marvelous in a red-and-white embroidered cotton, too. So sporty! You could wear it with red Keds and it would be adorable.

The Heidi, Now With More Fish

Since I started making multiple iterations of the BurdaStyle Heidi dress, I've gotten lots of email about it. Some folks want advice on lining it, others want to know about fit issues, and still others are worried about the printing-it-out-and-taping-it-together part (don't worry about that, it's easy). No one, however, has written to me to say, "Erin, that's a nice dress and all, but you really need to ADD MORE FISH."

However, I knew that was what was in all of your hearts, so, behold:

Koi Heidi

I've had this fabric for more than THREE YEARS. Obviously, it was biding its time, waiting for me to meet the dress that would be its destiny. And what a destiny that is:

Koi Heidi

I love the pixilated, dappled look of this fabric. Several folks did not even notice the fish, when I wore it. So here, have a fish closeup:

Koi Heidi

And in case you were wondering, yes, this fabric IS nearly impossible to match to anything … I have four pairs of pink shoes (yeah, that's a topic for another post) and NONE of them matched. (And I made this for a wedding — if you can't wear pink shoes to a wedding, where can you wear pink shoes?) But I don't care, because: FISH.