Autumn 9929

Autumn 9929

So the Vogue 9929s are continuing into the autumn, despite their sleeveless nature. I used to think sleeveless dresses in wintertime were really weird … and then I moved to California, where I am sitting sans this cardigan at my desk right now, after a warmish 30-minute bike ride into the office.

I figured I’d try a Vogue 9929 in a less-summery fabric when I saw a piece of this Liberty babycord on sale on eBay. I love Liberty babycord, and I love this pattern (which I believe is called Robin). But since there was just a little less than 2 yards of it, the 9929 was the only pattern I knew would work …

Liberty babycord is super, super soft but still hangs nicely. And the pile/wales of this corduroy are not so deep that you have to use a needleboard when pressing (which is good since I have no idea where mine is). I didn’t want to do self-fabric binding at the neck, because I thought the corduroy, as fine as it is, would still be too bulky, so it’s plain old Wrights bias tape, in olive green. The flags in this pattern are a purple-y mauve, marron, tan, pumpkin, and mustard, and a kind of smokey teal green (or greenish gray).

In keeping with the autumnal theme, I’m wearing this with mustard knee socks, oxblood Justin roper boots (a new purchase from Etsy!) and a kind of reddish-maroon-y J. Crew sweater. The socks are a bit weird in this picture — it looks like I’m wearing tights labeled “jaundice suntan” but in Real Life they are more mustard-y, I swear. Tights in a brighter yellow-mustard probably would have been a better choice, but I really don’t like wearing tights while biking. (My skirt gets all hung up on the tights and I spend the whole ride pulling it down, instead of watching out for oblivious minivans pulling out of driveways.)

I’m also wearing an olive-drab Swatch, which you can’t see because my hands are shoved deep into my pockets, as always.

This dress is so comfortable it looks like I’ll be wearing it (and making it) year-round! Hmmm, maybe a wool gabardine version …