The Hundred Dresses: Day 48

One more Simplicity 6894, okay?

Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894

These are the best tucks of the three dresses, but you can’t really see them because this is Liberty Splash, which I bought in London in 2007:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 bodice

I have NO IDEA what happened with this zipper. The waist seam is comically off:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 side zip

And here’s the back:
Liberty Splash Simplicity 6894 back

And here’s a selfie from 2012!

(Cheap patent belt from H&M, Marc Jacobs patent loafers. Hair still wet — I hate blow drying with a passion, avoid it at all costs. The only time my hair is blow-dried is right after I have it cut.)

Thanks for all the pressing and fabric suggestions on yesterday’s dress … you might see another incarnation of this pattern sooner rather than later!