The Hundred Dresses: Day 91

Here’s another McCall’s 8858, which I made back in 2008:

green windowpane McCalls 8858


I really love this fabric, even if it wasn’t the best choice for these facings:

green windowpane McCalls 8858 bodice


This was one of the first side-zip-and-pocket combos I ever did, if I recall correctly. So it’s a bit wonky:

green windowpane McCalls 8858 side zip


And the back had to be piece, because I didn’t have quite enough fabric.

green windowpane McCalls 8858


I wish I had more grass-green dresses. They’re so happy and restful. And since I hide on St. Patrick’s Day anyway, I can usually minimize the risk of being mistaken for a leprechaun.

The Hundred Dresses: Day 72

I made this dress ages and ages ago — back in 2005. It’s another McCalls 8858:

black eyelet 8858

It’s a bit Maleficent, isn’t it, with this neckline?

black eyelet McCalls 8858 neckline

Here’s the side zip:

black eyelet McCalls 8858 side zip

And the back:

black eyelet McCalls 8858 back

I think this was when I was in some doubt about the right size pattern for me, bodice-wise, and kept buying 36s and 38s and wondering why they didn’t fit well in the shoulders. (I re-bought this pattern in a 34 and have been happy with it ever since, although now I have to adjust the waist on everything.) So I don’t wear this one very often, in part because of the fit issue (I altered the shoulders to fit, but it’s not perfect) and in part because I feel like I’ve worn this a couple times to events I was greatly anticipating only to have them fall sadly flat — far short of my (probably unrealistic) expectations. There’s nothing worse than getting dressed up for something and having it fizzle out … I probably should put this in the Goodwill pile and let it be luckier for someone else!

Oh, and in The Hundred Dresses-the-book news, I’ve now seen the first photo of the book on shelves in the wild, thanks to my sister, who saw it in Kinokuniya! Doesn’t it look fab, if I say so myself?


The Hundred Dresses: Day 64

This is McCall’s 8858, which, for quite some time, was my favorite pattern. I think this is one of the nicest dresses I made with it:

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858

It’s Liberty twill, a pattern called “Enchanted Garden”. I wish I had about eighty more yards of this. (I did have enough left over after making this dress to make a skirt, though.)

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858 bodice

Another thing I love about this dress is that a few years back J. Crew made flats in this same fabric (I should have remembered to take a picture of them as well). So occasionally I wear them together. Here’s a close-up of the fabric, isn’t it fun?

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858 closeup

As I go through and take pictures of older dresses, I’m realizing how much my sewing has improved even in a few short years — I think I should credit all y’all, as sewing for “publication” has made me a bit more fastidious. I think I would have clipped this seam better, now, although I like to think of that visible blue facing as a design detail:

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858 collar


The zipper’s pretty good:

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858 side zip and pocket


And the back:

Enchanted Garden McCall's 8858 back

Looking at this pattern again, it’s starting to give me ideas. I do love that bodice …