Breaking News: The Wearer of the Easter Parade Dress, Found!

by Erin on April 27, 2006

Easter Parade Dress

Previously on A Dress A Day… noted blogger The Sartorialist took this lovely picture of a very stylish woman at the New York City Easter Parade. There was much speculation, here and elsewhere, about the exact provenance of her dress. Was is vintage? Was it reproduction? Was it a combination? The readers wanted to know!

Well, on today's exciting installment of A Dress A Day — the Easter Parade Dress Woman SPEAKS! Yes, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, where, any time Person A posts something that is even tangentially about Person B, a friend of Person B is bound to run across it and give Person B the heads-up. Sometimes, as in this case, it works for good. (Sometimes it works the other way, e.g. LiveJournal.)

The Easter Parade Dress Woman (EPDW for short, not that we'll ever have to use this again as I am about to reveal her name), Joie Gregory, kindly emailed to tell me that

"(the dress) is, in fact, a vintage late 50's Oleg Cassini couture, worn in honor of the late great designer for Jackie Kennedy. I altered nothing and isn't that green sensational? The green fabric is akin to a swimsuit material, and the rest is a heavy silk. I wore a voluminous petticoat so it would fall properly."

Joie went on to let me know that the New Look is her favorite time period, although she also has some 40s vintage, and (modestly) that's she's pleased that the dress has so many admirers. I'm pleased that A Dress A Day, your #1 news source for vintage dress speculation, was able to break this story (with the readers' help).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Internet.

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