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by Erin on March 15, 2007

Duro Olowu

Madelene (and several other folks, but I think Madelene was first) linked me to the coverage of Duro Olowu's recent London show. There were lots of gorgeous fabrics and some really lovely coats, but this was the only dress close to the iconic "Duro"-type.

I like the longer sleeves and the longer length — I think this is great as an evening gown, very easy and comfortable yet glamorous, too (and for a shortish person I'm unfortunately enamored of maxi-length dresses). I also like the double-banding (it looks like) on the sleeves and at the hem.

The whole show is worth checking out … I really wish I needed one of those coats. I mean, I *want* one of his coats; I just don't need it.

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