Liberty Heidi Update

by Erin on March 22, 2010

Liberty Heidi

So I just could not let go of the Liberty Heidi idea, so I grabbed a couple of hours late Friday night and early Saturday and threw this together.

This is not one of my favorite Liberty prints — I thought it was called "Bourton," but googling "Liberty Bourton" showed me something different, so who knows which one this is. It was, however, a perfect choice for a muslin, being 1) exactly the right weight, 2) something I would wear if the experiment worked, yet 3) not something I would be very sad to lose if I ended up throwing it away. I'm pretty sure I bought this on eBay from someone who was de-stashing, so it was also cheap.

I ended up adding about 4.5 inches to the center pieces of the front skirt and to the back — they're both cut on the fold, so it wasn't hard.

I ended up not lining it at all — I finished the bodice with bias binding cut from the same fabric, using the Dread Pirate Rodgers' excellent instructions. (The only difficulty was that the Liberty lawn is very slippery, so it's hard to mark with a pencil — the pencil drags the fabric along. I ended up using chalk, which tends to brush off. Suboptimal, all around.)

Liberty Heidi

I'm not sure why I'm showing you the side view, as this is such a busy print you probably can't even see the waist seam!

Liberty Heidi

Somehow I managed to get the gathers off-center on the back; I'll wear it once and decide whether I like the way the dress works with the gathers before I rip it out and re-do it:

Liberty Heidi

Problems: aside from getting the gathers off-center in the back, I also didn't gather the entire center front piece of the skirt — I only gathered between the pleat markings. I think it would look better with the entire section gathered.

I'm going to try to wear this dress this week, weather permitting (ah, who am I kidding, I live in California now, it's the most permissive weather on the planet), and we'll see how it works. If it works, this is going to be great — it takes SO LITTLE fabric, comparatively, that it opens up a lot of Liberty and novelty-print possibilities …

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