Great Dresses of (Mediocre) Literature, Pt. 1

Anne surveyed herself in the mirror of the blue room with girlish satisfaction. She had a particularly pretty gown on. Originally it had been only a simple little slip of cream silk with a chiffon overdress. But Phil had insisted on taking it home with her in the Christmas holidays and embroidering tiny rosebuds all over the chiffon. Phil's fingers were deft, and the result was a dress which was the envy of every Redmond girl. Even Allie Boone, whose frocks came from Paris, was wont to look with longing eyes on that rosebud concoction as Anne trailed up the main staircase at Redmond in it.

from Anne of the Island, L.M. Montgomery, 1915.

Submissions for this recurring feature of A Dress A Day are gratefully accepted.

0 thoughts on “Great Dresses of (Mediocre) Literature, Pt. 1

  1. Any page in any Barbara Cartland romance novel will give you a fantastic dress description. Unless it’s the last three pages. Those pages are dedicated strictly to the unfolding ardor between our heroine and her man, repleat with dramatic denoument and a serious, heart-palpitating make-out session.


  2. One of the great disappointments of my childhood (youll see I had a great childhood…) was seeing the stage production of Anne of Green Gables; in it, the infamous dress with puffed sleeves had the most unimpressive puffed sleeves I have ever seen. The ones in my imagination were SUBLIME; the ones onstage were FLAT. Sigh….


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