Sewing Without a Net

Advance 6675

I finished the black eyelet dress (mentioned here), although I'm not entirely pleased with it. I needed to do some revisionist cutting in the midst of construction, which I don't like to do. It's like finishing a jigsaw puzzle with the help of an X-Acto knife. However, it's finished and it's wearable, but the pattern is not suitable (as I had hoped it would be) for this gorgeous car-print Liberty fabric that I have. Which means I need to find another candidate.

I'm thinking this one is it, even though I'm missing the instructions. It's really a very simple pattern. The only part of the construction I'm unclear on is whether the bust tuck is sewn before or after the center bust seam. My money's on before. And if I'm wrong, that's what seam rippers are for. (Well, that, and stabbing yourself in the thumb.)

Before I cut into the stunning (and very expensive) Liberty fabric, though, I'll make a test run in either a green and yellow ditsy print (ditsy in sewing contexts means tiny and busy) or a black and white geometric. I'm leaning toward the black and white geometric. Did I mention this is for a wedding this coming weekend?

0 thoughts on “Sewing Without a Net

  1. Definitely do the gathering on the bust tuck before you sew the center seam. I made a blouse with a similar (lovely) line many, many years ago and I vividly remember cursing as I tried to align the two halves of the bodice front. It’s a fussy little chore, but very do-able, and the results will be charming I’m sure.


  2. Thank you!I made a quick trial last night on some similar fabric I had lying around and you’re right — tuck first. And curse while you align them …


  3. Hi Erin,I don’t suppose you still have this pattern, even the altered version. I bought this pattern months ago and was so excited to make it up. Only to discover that the pattern inside was not the right one. I even have the correct instructions! I know it’s a shot in the dark as it’s so long ago but I know I rarely get rid of anything so I was hoping that was the case with you.Best regards,Cindy


  4. Hi Erin,I know it’s been a very long time but I was wondering if you still had this pattern, even the altered version. I bought this months ago from who knows where and was tracing it off when I noticed that the pieces did not match the pattern! They were still in their factory folds but the envelope and instructions were not for the pattern in the envelope. I’m so bummed because I was so excited to make this. I know it’s a long shot but I thought I’d ask anyway. Best regards,Cindy


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