Unclear on the concept

Esprit Embro dress

Esprit calls this a dress. It may possibly be a dress (albeit a suspiciously shiny dress with unfortunately placed embroidery), but it's being worn as a coat. That is not auspicious.

Either there has been a terrible translation accident or the dress looks so desperately fugly being worn as a no-kidding dress that the catalog stylists were driven to this extreme. "Yes, we know it's a wrench, but it doesn't actually work very well as a wrench, so could you show it being used as a hammer instead?"

Remember when Esprit designs had, well, esprit? ::sigh::

Clicking on the image will take you to the catalog page. If you must.

0 thoughts on “Unclear on the concept

  1. It looks pretty good as a coat, though, no? I’m kinda into it as a coat. But as a dress. How many kinds of “hell no” are there?This is a cool site. I clicked here via your LJ, which I clicked to via Herself_NYC’s journal. I’m alizarin_nyc on LJ.Will you post pics of your projects when you’ve finished them?


  2. Thanks!I might post pics if I can get good ones. I’d have to clear out some space and haul out my dressmaker dummy …


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