Cherry dress, on sale

ebay item 8305987417
I, like every other mid-thirties vaguely-retro girl in the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD, has had (okay, does still have) a thing for cherry print. I probably have ten yards of various cherry-print fabrics waiting around for the perfect confluence of patterns and time to present themselves, plus myriad cherry accessories … so of course this dress caught my eye.

I'm not saying that I would ever wear this dress (I'm not big on halters, although I think they're lovely, they're firmly in the not-good-on-me column) but it's certainly … eye-catching. And right now it's 20% off at if you use this code: ccSummer20. (It's normally $59. Click on the picture to go to their shop.)

What I like best about this dress (besides the cherry print, of course, and the fact that it is sized up to 3X) is how blatant it is. Everyone should have one dress that is overtly sexy, intentionally sexy, malice-aforethought sexy, deliberately, cartoonishly, "look-at-me, damn-I'm-sexy" sexy. (And, of course, the confidence to wear it out of the house!)

Do you have a "damn, I'm sexy" dress? What's it like? When was the last time you wore it? I'm still thinking about whether or not I even have one, and if not, what I ought to do about that.

0 thoughts on “Cherry dress, on sale

  1. Sexy dresses? Don’t get me started … in fact, it may be why dresses aren’t a big part of my day to day, because I have them firmly in the “seduce and tittilate” portion of my brain (which isn’t very large, but it is loud).Anyway. The damnedest dress I have may no longer fit — it’s a fire engine red Nicole Miller halter jobbie with a very low back, form-fitting to a few inches above the knee. It’s not a practical dress (no pockets, but all wiggle), but it does make it clear what you’re to be thinking about when you look at me.It’s been a while since I wore it.


  2. Yep, I have a damn-I’m-sexy dress and yep, it’s a cherry print! LOL! Mine’s cherries on a black background. It’s a peasant-style bodice that can be worn on or off shoulder. Right under the bust it’s quite fitted (I learned to do that elastic faux-smocking on this one) and then a tight skirt. Ultimate wiggle dress. It’s a Vogue pattern, but of course it doesn’t look like they’re making it anymore…I wore it last to a rockabilly wedding. =DOh, and I probably have well over 100 yards of various cherry prints, so I think you’re doing ok with ten. –Lydia


  3. You know what’s kinda frightening? I took a good look at the photo there and that girl’s head is the same size as her waist. Damn.–Lydia


  4. I had this gorgeous, beaded fire-engine-red jersey vintage shift I found at a St. Vinny’s. It hugged my (at the time) beanpole frame perfectly. I used to be Ms. black-t-shirt-jeans-and-Chuck-Taylors in college, but whenever I’d put on that dress people would be speechless. Too bad I was too stupidly self-conscious to use the power it had.(sound of 44 year old dowdydiva whacking 24 year old dowdydiva on the head.)


  5. black silk dress, perfectly cut to highlight my good bits and hangs straight away from my bad bits. shows off my back (almost to my waist) rather than my front. i wore it to my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding. i walked past her FATHER and he stopped mid-conversation to follow me to the bar.


  6. “sound of 44 year old dowdydiva whacking 24 year old dowdydiva on the head.”I hear you. To have the body I had then with the wisdom I have now… sigh.The cherry dress is wildly hot, but it owes a lot to the accessories – red flower in hair, red barely-there shoes… and tattoos!


  7. I have this exact dress, although in black, non-halter top (it has a to die for v neck that make my boobs look fantastic) and it’s my favorite dress in the world. My boy friend recently told me that when he thinks about how hot I am, the image that comes to his mind is of me wearing this dress and my garters. All women should own a dress like this, it’s ridiculously empowering.


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