Jil Sander, again

ebay item 8305987417
Thanks to a benevolent commenter on the last entry, I can show you the dress I was talking about — that is, I can gesture vaguely in its direction, as it's mostly covered by a coat. (A coat, which, although it looks interesting, would be about as convenient to wear as a full suit of armor — you can't tell me those drawstring loops wouldn't get caught on every little thing you walked past. I picture the wearer, at the end of the day, removing the small dogs, newspaper kiosks, bicycles, and the odd parking meter that had accumulated all day, caught up in her coat … )

I've been trying to puzzle out how, exactly, the fabric was cut to allow for all those tucks across the bust, but since I suck at origami I'm no closer to knowing now than I was when I was staring at it through the store window night before last.

And, for the "How Would Erin Change This Dress" feature of this blog, I think I'd like to see it in a different color, instead of the oh-so-predictable neutral (is it gray? is it black? is it khaki?) shown here. It's for Spring, dammit, how about primrose yellow, or robin's-egg blue, or even turquoise?

Click on the image to go and see the entire Jil Sander Spring 2005 RTW collection at Style.com.

0 thoughts on “Jil Sander, again

  1. I think the best way to do this dress would be to tuck the fabric first and then drape the front.I love love love jil sander!


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