Coincidentally, $423 is also what it costs to repair your retinas!

ebay item 8305987417
It will probably surprise no one that Roberto Cavalli wouldn't ever make my list of favorite designers. In fact, he might not even make my list of designers. Maybe if I kept a list of embellishers, he'd be on it. Or possibly a list of vandals.

Take (please!) this horrific dress, which puts the lie to "too much is never enough." "Too much" passed "enough" about three miles back, with this one. There are only three excuses for wearing this dress, and two of them involve Guantanamo Bay. The other is if you've legally changed your name to "Arabella Moonbeam Wolfchild" and insist that people call you that.

I couldn't bring myself to run the picture at full size, so if you're wearing protective glasses, click on it to go to the original site. The original retail price was $670, now on special offer for $423!

0 thoughts on “Coincidentally, $423 is also what it costs to repair your retinas!

  1. It looks sort of like the a dress I would’ve been into at age 12. You know the kind you pay like $40 for at Hot Topic because you think it will make you all spooky and gothic. LOL, this one is even worse!


  2. Luckily (or perhaps not?) when I was 12 I was living in Florida, so I was spared the whole spooky-velvet stage. However, there was much too much Miami Vice influence … you can imagine the rest. I wore a lot of white miniskirts.


  3. Do you suppose it’s in the models-for-Cavalli’s contracts that their faces must be cut off? I’d make very sure it was in mine… (On further surfing, it looks like the Raffaello-Network is kind to its models. I swear, some of those … top designers … have got to be blind.)


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