trust me on this

la redoute voile dress
Yes, I know the model looks, well, frighteningly insane. And that a dress they won't show you full-on in a catalog is usually a bad idea. However, this one (at only $24.99, click on the image to go to the catalog page at La Redoute) is a good idea.

It's a shirtwaist dress with a collar in light voile. It buttons from the neck to the waist, and the long sleeves are rolled up (another sign the stylist had no frickin' clue what to do with this dress — which cluelessness also explains the obi belt, which is not included but is only $4.99). It even has pockets!

I have two of these dresses, not from La Redoute, but from another maker, both in lightweight cotton. One is black, and one is light gray. They are perfect city chic dresses — they go effortlessly from casual with flats and beads, to conservative with heels and a scarf. I don't wear mine with a belt, but I could (not that belt, though!). The dresses I have are five years old; I may only wear them one or two times a year, but I'll never get rid of them. (Because even I occasionally need a dress that doesn't inspire any questions or comments!) They're timeless, plucked out of fashion's eddying currents. I know I'll still be wearing them, with any luck, when I'm 60.

0 thoughts on “trust me on this

  1. I’ve got to agree with you on the shirtwaist dress thing. I… this is totally stupid and embarrassing, but I have dresses that I have had since junior high that I am still wearing (I’m 24). There is something so simple and perfectly classic about them. The worst part is that they’re cheap Suzy Shier dresses, but they look the best on me (the same is true of Suzy Shier pants, of which I still own some from high school).I’m sure your dresses are much more exciting and less disgustingly embarrasing.


  2. Oh, no. Mine are from that bastion of middle-aged dowdiness, Land’s End. Although lately, Land’s End has gotten better. Or I’ve gotten older. Both could be true …


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