Somebody REALLY likes bows

bow dress

This is, believe it or not, the FRONT of this dress.

From (click on the image to visit this dress) comes this stunning evidence of somebody's monomania. This dress was handmade, so this is the ultimate expression of an individual's singular vision. Who was not content to fasten a large bow behind, like so many other plebian designers — no! The bow must be front and center, where it can command the attention it deserves! No more bringing up the rear for this bow, nossir!

Now, it is only B34 (W26), so perhaps the idea was to accentuate whatever was going on in that area? (Although next to this whopper one's natural assets would have to take a back seat.)

I especially like the ginormous buckle (wherever did they find that?) and the fringy ends, which look to me as if they'd be happier over the top of a piano.

The description at seems very sensible: "I would consider using this dress as an 'Victorian/Edwardian' gown base and adding to it/adapting it as costuming for a play or special event." Absolutely. A special event such as "Bow Lover's Appreciation Night." Or perhaps "A Musical Tribute to the Bow!"

Don't get me wrong. I love bows. Just — not that way.

0 thoughts on “Somebody REALLY likes bows

  1. Even if this were 1992 and I were Demi Moore, that would still not be okay.This looks like a dress for an Amish prostitute (which, just to clarify, does not mean that I’m calling the dressmaker a prostitute. Just that in a sane world, the only people titillated by this would be Amish).


  2. i have to say WHAT IS THAT THING (not being nasty or affensive to the dressmaker or anything)but it is horrible it would look way better if it was polka dot for gods sake!!!!!!!


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