All in green went my love riding

green chiffon
I know it's a while until St. Patrick's Day, but if you have a spare $185 and a complexion that can take it, this dress is really worth your while. For one thing, it has both the original slip AND the original belt, which is rare for these chiffon shirtwaists. And — chiffon! Do you know what a pain chiffon is to sew (at least for me)? This is not a dress you could knock off in a couple of hours, nosirree. This is two full days of swearing and dripping sweat down the bridge of your nose, seam ripper clenched in one hand, fabric bunched in the other. Believe me, I've been there, and it isn't pretty. Which this dress most certainly is. B38/W26. Click on the image to check out Vintage Virtuosa, which has a lot of other lovely things, as well. (Note that the description of this dress has another description, of a different dress, mixed up with it. It's not too hard to sort out, though.)

And look, I didn't mention the Peter Pan collar once! Oh, damn.

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