Under the Sea? Under the weather, more like it.

jellyfish dress
Why couldn't I have found this prom dress when I was in high school? Our senior prom theme was "Death By Jellyfish 1989!" This would have been PERFECT! I *so* would have been the Prom Queen in this number …

Click on the image to see the site of the Chinese importer of this dress. For all the good it will do you, as there is no purchasing or price information. (You weren't going to buy it anyway, were you? You're just rubbernecking.)

(Y'all know I'm just kidding about "Death By Jellyfish" being my high school's senior prom theme, right? The theme was actually "You Think You're Going to Have Sex Tonight, But You're Not.")

0 thoughts on “Under the Sea? Under the weather, more like it.

  1. OMG, talk about Anemone of the People!Yes, I would wear it – pink jellyfish and all. I will have to soothe my Pink Jellyfish Longing with the pink velour cloche I saw the other day, with the biggest pink – cherry blossom? Dogwood blossom? heck, flower – that I’ve ever seen on it.


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