O Marks the Spot

yoni dress
Frankly, I don't know what's more disturbing: the large and unfortunately-placed "press here" circles on the front of this dress; that two fairly-reasonable women chose to wear it; or that someone on the internets has scanned and posted the entire current issue of In Touch magazine on her blog. Yes, someone used at least $1000 of computing power to scan a $1.99 magazine.

Of course, if she hadn't, I couldn't have shown you this dress, and besides, who am I to say that someone's internet hobby is pointless? So … Thank you! Thank you, Sammie323!

0 thoughts on “O Marks the Spot

  1. That’s what I don’t get! Wouldn’t it be “better”, if directions are what you’re aiming at, to have TWO circles, somewhat higher, and then the lower “yoni’s right here, folks” circle?Or perhaps the upper circle is to assist in CPR? I just don’t get it.


  2. Rosanna Arquette didn’t buy this dress. She’s modeling it in the “Red Dress Fashion Show 2005.” It was a charitable function. See how she’s walking? The “voluminous” hair? She’s on a runway. Julia Stiles, however, has no excuse.


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