Just in Case

Simplicity 2464

Okay, so I've been thinking about a more 1970s look for this fall — narrow-shouldered dresses in deep jewel tones with vee necklines, bell skirts, defined midriffs, and bohemian trims — but just in case I come to my senses and remember that I'm nowhere near tall enough to pull those off, I bought this.

Click on the image to go to Miss Helene's Vintage Sewing Shoppe on Ebay — lots of nice patterns, nicely priced, too. Maybe you'll find the 1970s pattern I was looking for.

I probably won't go back to the Yuanlong Embroidery and Silk Store in Beijing today and buy four more meters of the Darth Vader mask print silk (I only bought two meters), so that I can make the dress on the left in Darth! Vader! Silk! I mean, I'm pretty sure I won't do that, as hysterical as it sounds to me right now. I'm mostly sure.

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